Friday, January 6, 2012

Haps from the Hood

School Days
Oh my, oh my.  That is all I can say for the latest group of kids that have cropped up at school.  The devil child has left and all of the kids seem very sweet but one of the mothers is a wackadoodle.  There are seriously no words.  She started off by raising an extremely controversial subject and then declared what side she was on in her INTRODUCTION.

GI Fun
LO and I went to see the GI doctor or his other nickname, Dr. I Don't Know or his new name, Dr. Doomsday.  He decided to go over the tests that await LO if she can't kick the meds before her second birthday as it will be full steam ahead.  So his great plan is to cut out dairy and the meds over the next month.  What is she going to eat is my big question? He also got upset about her only egg yolk eating ways.  I have a call into her pediatrician to discuss but today was day one as her skin around her mouth is really inflamed and we need to figure it all out. 

The majority of LO's friends are from mommy and me which means all of the kids have parties at the same time.  This leads to forward planning of staking weekends for each child. We have our date scheduled, March 31, for all who wish to attend.  I was planning on going low key for her b-day and my b-day and then going to the South of France to celebrate in May.  Do you like how I slipped that in there? DH has to be in Paris for work in May and we were thinking of joining him.  Somehow I decided that we should go to the French Riviera as I have never been and then I tried to plan and the South of France is expensive, crazy expensive.  DH heard my plan and is now encouraging me to plan a party for LO's birthday and skip the trip to France.  Hmmmmmmm.  He claims that he misunderstood my party plans and feels a party is appropriate as long as there are no horses.

The whole France thing really conflicts with our savings plan to buy a new house.  I have been feeling like it will NEVER happen as of late.  The amount needed to put down on a house is the issue as the payments are fine but the large down payment makes me nervous.  DH and I have also decided that buying a crack house is probably not an option so we are trying to find a house that doesn't need a ton of work.  I have identified another house that I like but I am feeling frustrated.  I talked to DH about waiting another year and he looked at me like I was insane.  These talks always lead to the question of leaving Los Angeles. Should we stay or should we go? I love LA and we are close to family and lots of friends but the prices and people are crazytown.

Re-entry has not been that painful. LO is happy to be back to her routine and I am happy to be back at mine.  DH is traveling non-stop and we are sad for him to be gone but I want to clean out a lot of crap and that is easier when I am alone. 

Question of the Day
So my post holiday weigh-in revealed that I needed to lose five pounds as the holiday cookies really added to my bottom line BUT I bought a new scale that arrived last night and this scale says that I am four pounds skinnier.  SO my question, does that mean I only need to lose one pound?  What happened to those four pounds?

How is week one??