Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Give Me Your Pacifier

Things have been a little rough for LO lately with her meds and stomach.  Consequently, I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with estate planning (aaarrghhhhh), taxes (blarghhh) and medical bills (OMGOMGOMGOMG).  I can only hope that a larger number of people have health insurance that didn't before as the changes each year for us (personally) have resulted in much less coverage for A LOT more money and a lot more paperwork.  Between DH's ER visit and eye procedures and LO's stomach, we are really drowning in forms.  Online bill pay has helped so much as the last time I saw my checkbook, every check had pen all over it and an occasional sticker. When peeps start acting up at work, you can be sure that I am ready to punch or ignore them or politely ask them to shut it

So, the best thing to do when feeling stressed and hand wringy is to drink heavily and complain give to someone else.  I had wanted to help Harvest Home during the holidays but they were a bit late getting me information so I have decided to make them my year long project.   "Harvest Home provides a warm, stable environment where women facing a crisis pregnancy can seek refuge. In addition to providing food, shelter and clothing, Harvest Home provides a comprehensive program aimed at helping homeless pregnant women regain their independence, both emotionally and financially."   Each woman is given a layette of the following new items:

Baby Lotion
Diaper Cream
Baby Wash
Hooded bath towel
Baby wash cloths or pre-soaped disposable ones
Burp cloths
Bottle scrubber
Baby book (for tracking weight, handprints etc.)
Bulb syringe*
Baby scissors or infant nail clippers*
Crocheted baby blanket
*could be part of a first aid set

I know that when LO was born, people seriously acted like royalty had come out of my womb.  In addition to three amazing baby showers, we received a gift EVERY day for her first SIX weeks of life.  Gifts came from other countries and people we hadn't seen in years.  Duplicate and triplicates of essential items like solid gold rocking horses.  The best part was that we were terrified to put her in anything beyond the hospital shirts that you are supposed to use only at the hospital.   I feel so grateful for all of the love and attention that we received so I thought this was a perfect charity for me.

So if you are in the area and you are going through your nursery and you find unopened packages of pacifiers that your child no longer wants  (Never going to happen in my house) or unopened bottle scrubbers (um yes!) please pass them along.  Also, if you are out shopping and you only need one of the above but the second is free, pass it along.  I will be working on the layettes all year, let me know if you want to help!