Sunday, January 22, 2012

Deja Vu Boohooo

It happened again. Have you seen Hangover 2? No? You didn't miss anything. The premise of the movie is that they remade the exact same movie as "it happened again." I spent another birthday crying in my wine AGAIN.  My infamous 29th bday had me crying like a baby at a restaurant.  You would think I would be a bit better behaved after celebrating 29 so many times. I should back up in the day so I can explain that the tears were not only my own vanity.

The weaning of LO's meds have been ok but not great and we were closing in on the end of our first week of phase two and she has been getting more uncomfortable. We were coming home from a friend's house and she started crying a bit and then projectile vomiting and crying in pain. She was so sad that I started crying too. Such a helpless little thing who was so sad. I tried to blame it on being carsick but I knew that I had been seeing the other signs. Finally, while getting snooty service at a restaurant and contemplating the demise of my hotness over the years, I started crying like a crazy person. Thankfully, DH was fine with us leaving and we started talking about a lot of things.

Sometimes, I forget that I am not a single parent who should make all of the decisions. LO has a dad that loves her very much and cleaned up ALL the vomit in the car. We talked for awhile about LO and decided to go forward with the tests. I'm also going to go back to one of the original GI doctors to discuss the order and tests they suggest. So this morning I woke up resigned to the tests and being OLD. Your 30s are NOT your new 20s, they are exactly what they claim to be. The decade after your ass looked its best in booty shorts.

Lastly, you are wondering about the bounty of gifts, chocolate and riches.  My mom continues to be the most thoughtful gift giver sending me a box of my favorite cookies, expensive make-up and a gift card for more make-up and a beautiful antique bracelet with my birthstones.  I told DH that I bought a purse as my gift but then I returned it as I didn't like it.  I assumed that mass shopping was happening when he said he was going to play video games on Saturday but after a few years of being married, I have come to realize that men usually say exactly what they mean.  I did have a homemade card from DH and LO where I could have overlooked the nonsensical first line about the card being organic?? but the picture on the front threw me for a loop.

But all is well that ends well as we stopped by Giggles and Hugs on the way home from dinner this evening where DH volunteered to be the parent spotting LO on the play structure.  Ahhh, happy birthday to me sucka.