Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I held a fresh from the oven newborn baby today.  I went into the hospital expecting to leave with baby fever as in GIMME YOUR BABY RIGHT NOW.  The baby was beautiful, lovely, little, squishy and adorable.  She slept the entire time and was snuggly.  She didn't hit my face when I tried to kiss her or refuse hugs.  She didn't pretend like she forgot how to walk or draw on the wall.  I could have easily slipped her into a carrier and walked for hours or shopped or lunched or napped.  I have often thought back to the newborn times as the BEST times.   Here is the crazy part y'all--I didn't feel the fever.  I am really enjoying each age and I love them all because it is always new.  LO has become a master at naked headstands and it is ridiculously funny.  Will it be funny the second time around?

I want a second baby because I want two children but I am feeling a bit worried on the logistics of this idea.  How do you enjoy all of the first times when you have a second kid? What if they both start vomiting at the same time? DH travels so much, how does that work at bedtime? I am able to take care of everything with one kid and DH can do his thing with very little grumble from me on sharing responsibilities.  You add another kid and that party is over.  We had an impromptu date night on Friday night and we discussed more kids.  I don't think either of us is ready at this point but time marches on.  When I say time, I mean my old age.  My dream would be to raise them one at a time and have a surrogate and a night nurse and a chef and a full time maid.  With all of that help, I would go for three.  How do you handle multiple kids?