Thursday, December 20, 2012

Can You Kiss Structures?

The long awaited and dreaded day arrived yesterday and we packed up our old house and moved our crap precious possessions into the garage of our new house.  I love the new house so much that I want to french kiss it or not move into it.  I may just want to visit it and walk quietly in socks and stare at its beauty.   It is hard to believe how much damn WORK went into getting our house ready to sell, selling it, buying a new house after FIVE attempts, renovating, PACKING and finally moving.  We have so more stuff to do like final walk through on the old house and ya know FINISHING the new house and unpacking but it feels like we are so close to the finish line.  I started the day after I stopped working and it is ALMOST done.  I gave myself until January to then start looking for some sort of part time bizness but I'm not ready.  Also, LO has ummm hmmmmm yeah not separated from me at school.  So my first priority is finishing the house and getting organized and setting a new routine.

Everything has been so crazy that there hasn't been much of a schedule and LO has been feeling very attached.  We are staying in a hotel/traveling until the house is ready and she screamed at us at 9pm, "THIS ISN'T WORKING FOR ME!!" So there is that.  She has been coming up with some doozies lately in the whole non-stop talking arena.  While I was trying to help her put on socks, "I CAN DO IT MYSELF, SMARTIE."  Smartie?! Really? After talking to herself in the car non-stop for 30 minutes, "Mommy, I am so tired of talking." I don't know maybe just stop talking if it makes you tired.  When we visited my dermatologist, "I have a REAL doctor." A real doctor??

A few other things we have done.

Cookie Decorating at our Annual Mommy & Me holiday party

Sitting on furniture outside as you do in December

A shot of the big girl bed

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Toddler Comedian

First Night

We took a break from taping packing to celebrate the first night of Hanukkah over here.

We opened cards with gelt from Grandma which pleases LO to no end.  Peeps do not believe that sending LO $5 in a card will excite her but she loves it.  She saved up her money over the past few months and bought a large rubber ducky (Mommy duck) and a small rubber ducky (baby duck) featured in the pic below the money eyes shot. Getting to sleep with her is pretty much the highest honor bestowed on any item.  She only had a dollar left and the blue frisbee that she had been eyeing was three dollars so she was pretty excited.  I have stopped the "throw it in the basket" attitude hoping to slow down the gluttony so this little exercise has proved quite useful.  I don't pretend that she is learning anything about money but it gives a better reason than "because" when she wants something that is really useless. 

 Stickers in cards is pretty genius and a close second to $5.
Then we opened up the Mommy & Daddy gift.  Don't judge my penguin wrapping paper as every place was SOLD OUT of Hanukkah paper.  Or that the menorah is backwards.
I didn't notice the 6+ for the walkie talkies but she loves them.  DH tried to go upstairs to talk to her but she just followed so really you don't have to put batteries in them.
We are opening up a small gift a night over here and lighting our wood menorah.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why This Feels Like The Movie

Remember when Tom Hanks can't get anyone to work on his house and it is all very big pile of crap everywhere?? We now have three people working on the house and not a crew and it is all making me feel very NERVOUS that we have to move in less than three weeks and we are lacking floors, paint, lighting and a bathroom.  I am ok with the lack of a kitchen but there is a huge hole in the kitchen "floor" so we are back to just dirt in there.  LO straight out refuses to go in the house and even the workers are beginning to feel my stress.  I know that we will not have a kitchen and possibly no bath when we move in and that is ALL FINE BUT get some FLOORS for the love of all that is holy.

In other news, LO has started telling me that I am Rapunzel and then starts combing my hair and singing, "Let Your Power Shine." I seem to be illiterate and missed a letter in the title.

Obvs a genius in this video when she READS.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 7

The initial "fun" of the renovation has worn off and now I just want it to be over.  HAHAHAHAHA It's not going to be OVER for a good long time.   We continue to have so many people in and out of the house.  In addition to the renovation, we had to have some asbestos removed from the attic today.  So ten guys doing construction and some guys in bunny suits.  Nothing like having to start paying in cash when you realize that your two year old has written on every blank check and you have failed to order more AGAIN.

I finally came to the point in construction when I had to call Dan the Money Man.  I love our money manager/financial planner/money therapist.  I found him by asking some rich people who managed their money and then guilted him into taking us peons on as clients.  DH and I would prefer that he received our paychecks, paid our bills and then sent us an allowance.  I hear that rockstars get that done for them.  He is the most frugal man on EARTH.  When I started LO's education fund when she was teeny, he told me that his daughter had started his granddaughter's fund when she found out she was pregnant.  He isn't patronizing but I don't like to call the guy EVER.  He communicates a plan, updates us and we talk/review once a year and that is the way we like it.  DH has never met the guy which shows you how involved he likes to keep the money end.

Dan actually encouraged me to be less scared of purchasing a home and pushed us into buying a house.  He didn't really mention renovations but I digress.  His son just purchased a house as well and also went through several crazy rounds and is now going through renovations.  Dan is helping his son drywall the place.  Of course.  We discussed a course of action for money and some other stuff and he signed off without giving me a brow beating so a win?? I will feel better when it is all over.  Thankfully, we have gotten to the point of there is literally nothing else that can be done inside the house with the exception of the bathroom.  The good part of having a pretty modest house is that we have remodeled everything and our materials costs are not astronomical.  I am not moving again EVER.  The best part of putting a stop on costs is that DH has decided that he is going to tackle the backyard by himself.  The contractor has taken out the cacti and some pavers so we definitely have a random feel right now.  I am going to be interested to see his gardening finesse.

Cards for Lazy People

I can barely keep this house stocked with yogurt much less make sure that I get birthday cards out on time.  Here is my deal, I will think I am super duper smart and buy a ton of cards at one time and then be unable to find them or they look jank because they were shoved in the junk drawer.  OR I will have a birthday card but with totally inappropriate messaging such as a naughty getting old joke card when I need a card for a five year old.  So let's just say for the sake of argument that I am going to pick up your specific birthday card at the store with a two year old.  Girlfriend will go straight to the cards that are in Spanish and insist on buying one or collect cards from all different sections and demand a pen.

So when told me about their site, I was kind of impressed.  I may not get around the ol' world wide web as I thought this was a GENIUS invention.  I can go online while watching LO pour sand at the park and customize a card and someone else will send it through the POST OFFICE.  Don't even get me started on hunting for stamps or dropping off a letter.   You could personalize your holiday cards for each recipient.  This immediately brings nefarious thoughts into my little brain.  They are letting you try out a card for FREE on Monday, November 19 and Tuesday, November 20 by using the code TREATBLOGR.  Don't say I never gave you anything.

This is a sponsored post but all of the awesome ideas and opinions are entirely from yours truly.  

Sunday, November 18, 2012


The house, the house, the house.  It is consuming my every second of every day except for those few minutes when LO's school went on LOCKDOWN because a crazy man with a gun was in the alley right by the school.   I need to lead a less distracted life as I walked far into the school before noticing the circle of parents holding their children in the corner while trying to stay calm.  The director tried to flag me down in my car before I walked into school.  I didn't notice the line of abandoned minivans in the middle of the street when I drove by or the abundance of police cars.  In my defense I had a really long day and no sleep the night before.  Hmmmmm whatever.   We joined the families in the corner and waited it out as walking back outside and fumbling with a car seat didn't seem like the safest choice.

Obviously, we are fine or you would have heard about it on the news.  I have never seen so many young children in a small confined area not say a peep.  One of LO's awesome teachers sat and read stories for two hours keeping everyone calm.  The real gain from the story was some damn PERSPECTIVE.  Some people don't like me and that is totally fine.  I have two parents that love me, they may be a tad wacky but they never act cruelly or have ever shown anything but support.  I have a great marriage that gets so much better every year, wonderful friends AND the best daughter ever.  She is a dream come true.  So while Thanksgiving is my least favorite time of the year, I am very thankful for all of the above and more.

Poppy came to visit this week and brought a Rapunzel dress for LO.  You don't need to watch the video but the dress is hilarious.

 Also, her singing the "I've Got a Dream," song in her pjs.
Lastly, the you play the guitar and I will play the piano.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Money Pit

The contractor has been really great with demolition as in OMG, we have gutted our house.  There is not a single room that is not being touched.  This project started as a few essentials fixes such as leaks, refinishing the floors and some new cabinets for the kitchen and HOLY HELL we have gutted the house.  Part of me wants to tell everyone to STOP and leave and let me curl up in a ball with my shell of a house as it IS ALL TOO MUCH.  I have NO JOB PEOPLE.  PLEASE STOP!!! I will mention something and five minutes later I will turn around and there is another GAPING HOLE in the house.  He is fabulous but quick with the sledgehammer.

Well there is one room that is not being touched and that is the main bathroom/guest bathroom.  The bathroom could look like we were trying to make it nice and took a wrong turn somewhere with stained nasty ass seashell pink cabinets and horrible tile and flooring options.  What does one do? I was trying to come up with a low cost solution but it turns out I need a NO COST solution so one of my fab friends suggested we just go the opposite and decorate it terrible.  So it would be better if the bathroom was 50's or 70s but it is terrible 80s bathroom with brass/shiny silver.  How do you go 80s crazy?! A few Nagels floating in the bathroom? Your MC Hammer pants drying in the shower? A puffy toilet?

I am so grateful that we finally have a house but 12 hours into the project and I was already holding myself and rocking back and forth.  We move in whether the project is done or not on December 16.  I should keep a packed box tally.  ZERO.

Monday, November 12, 2012


A lot of times I get angry with DH for running late but I tend to run late as well.  I am infuriated when I manage to be on time and he is late.  I was running late this morning to meet the contractor so I told him to go inside at 8:13 as we were meeting at 8:15 and I realized that I would be ten minutes late.  When we showed up at 8:28, there were two large holes in the house in the front and one large hole in the back that was unplanned.  For the love of all that is holy, it was crazy.   There were 20 men with sledgehammers ripping up the floors and tearing apart the kitchen.  That was all planned but so shocking and loud.   I had mentioned to DH that we should maybe mention something to the neighbors and he said that it wouldn't be loud as it was interior work.  WOW.  It was really loud and a ton of guys with masks on.  LO freaked out so I only managed a few pictures.  I am sure all of our new neighbors appreciated it on a freaking holiday Monday.  Sorry, dudes.

Late 80s fabulous

Oh hey, that is a big gaping hole to the backyard.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


LO loves school soooo much and I am in love with her school sooooo much that I would marry the school if possible.   The teachers are so amazing, the staff is fantastic and it is all just so unbelievably great. I have learned a TON as well and their philosophies make sense to me.  The ratio is three students to one teacher and some days 2:1.  Our area is overrun with different styles and I was really desperate to find a school that was developmental with rules and a little discipline.   I think kids should not be allowed to hit each other in the name of some jank ass credo.  Anyway, LO talks about her school friends and teachers pretty much non-stop.  I have also been leaving for longer periods of time so she has to be a titch more independent and stand up for herself.   The school has a rule that kids don't have to share if they are playing with a toy and want to play alone so they can say, "It's my turn."  This leads to way more voluntary sharing which seems so genius in hindsight instead of constantly telling a kid "to share."

LO started to get a little sad today and miss me so her teacher gave her a hug and she wanted to be held which is CRAY as LO never wants to be held.  So they took out the "good-bye story" which is some little dolls and toys and they act out saying goodbye to your mommy and then mommy comes back in the story.   So LO was acting out the good-bye story and another child wanted it.  The rest of this story is according to her.  I find it hard to believe as she tends to back away from conflict or when a kid gets too close but she said, "I told him to back away.  Then I told him to GO HOME (dramatic pause) AND EAT BREAKFAST WITH HIS MOMMY(dramatic pause) AND DADDY." I almost peed myself trying not to laugh.  If that isn't the most awesome made up burn story from a two year old, I don't know.  Also, the child's name is "Go," so it gets a bit confusing on if she means the kid or the action.  She has been really talking about people being mad lately and trying to understand the emotion.  So far, it has been limited to yelling at me that, "I am mad," with no real reason.

The other funny part was that when the teacher thanked her for letting her hug her and help her, LO told her, "I love my mommy." Just so there was no confusion.  After school, we headed to Pottery Barn  Kids so I could live out my dreams with a big girl bed and bedding for her.  She was not into it but she picked out her sheets and the bed is being delivered.  Yipppeeee.

She also teased me by trying on these awesome shoes but then refused to wear them.  I die.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012


IMHO, parenthood is all about scary ass realizations in between lots of love and some frustrations.  The moment when you hear the baby's heartbeat, IT'S ALIVE.  The moment when the baby is born, IT LIVES.  When you realize that your baby responds to you, IT UNDERSTANDS.  After your baby starts crawling, IT'S MOBILE.  And then when they start talking, IT COMMUNICATES AND WILL NOT STOP TALKING.  And the latest scary moment, IT ESCAPES.

LO has started escaping from her crib and I am sooooo sad especially when she wakes up at 5 am and helps herself to some cream cheese in the refrigerator. WHYYYYYYY??? GET BACK IN BED! After a few days of waking me up and me telling her to go back to bed, she has decided to stealth roam the house.  I don't want to scream get back in your cage crib but get back in your damn bed.  The real problem is that she usually wakes up early and will go back to sleep until a normal hour as she knows that I am not getting her out of her crib until a decent hour.  NOW she gets out of bed and falls apart most of the day.  Forget naps as she just played in her crib and eventually fell asleep but mostly just played for a bit.  Now she hops out and checks to see what I am doing.

I think that she would get really mad about a crib tent and I have picked out the CUTEST bed evah but how do I stop the roaming around for the love of all that is holy.  Also, my comments are NOT working! WHY??? Anyone with an ounce of knowledge is appreciated.  DM me on Twitter or email me through the Blathering stuff.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Monkey Fools

I am laughing at my October 17 self when I said that the house was a go after one more inspection.  HAHAHAHA self! Fool, you don't even know how drama it will get.  The house is a real GO now and we are negotiating to stay in our current home as LONG as possible.  We seem to live in some alternate reality as we might have to move in two weeks and not a single box or tape roll has been purchased.  We have been caught up in the drama of the new house and kind of ignored our current house which we need to vacate.  I envision us casually hanging out when the new owner comes walking through the door with all of his stuff.

The usual stuff has been happening as well.  LO goes to school three days a week for two hours and is loving it sooooooo much.  Separation took a long time but happened so naturally that it was all worth it.  I still stay with her until they go outside but I do leave for a bit and there is no clinging to me with a death grip.  She has a major crush on her teacher and talks about her all the damn time.

Halloween happened.  LO told me tonight that she was NOT dressing up next year and I believe her.   She didn't want to wear her costume and when I offered for her to wear her doctor coat even though we had family costumes, she was not into it.  She hasn't asked about her candy once and wasn't interested after a few raisins and M&Ms.  The kids could wear their costumes to school today and she looked at me like I was crazy when I told her that she could.

LO to DH, I will cut you if you put that hat on me again.
I am wearing this costume but you will pay in M&Ms later.
MOM, all my friends have cool Disney costumes
and you dressed me as a fake Curious George.  Get a clue.
LO has been really killing it with the phrases lately.  A few of my favorites that she has said to me:

"You have TWO choices, NOT go home OR NOT take a nap."

"You have GOT to be kidding me."

"I am MAD because you are NOT MAD."


"On second thought.........on second thought........." silence

"First, I am going to stick this in your mouth and then look in your ear."

"I changed my diaper, the poop is over there."

"I drew you a picture on my crib."

We celebrated Mama Cat's birthday tonight by LO yelling at her and eating some M&Ms.  I think she really appreciated all the effort.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Yo, yo, yo.  I would have kept you updated on every nitty gritty detail on the house saga but why should we all suffer?  The house has ONE more inspection and then it is a go.  Our house seems to be moving along as well but remember those ten days that mentioned? That is really going to be like two days and suddenly we have committed to three months of renovations.  WHAT?? Don't you think you should get a temporary rental somewhere? TOTALLY except we be poor and are going to lives there.  We will have to leave for the floor and paint but no kitchen for three months!  Oh my! The best part is that we are not even tackling all of the planned renovations.  Bwahahahahaha!

I have been so focused on both houses that I have been in hibernation and ignored just about everything else.  Until last Saturday when it was MORGAN's annual Halloween partee.  It was so great to relax and take my mind off everything.   LO and I are so lucky to have so many great friends.  The party rejuvenated me.  Is it an issue if people say that LO crying during pictures is a tradition?

Cinderella is wondering about the angry monkey.

This is not even the same party but hot damn do I need a haircut. I have
been sporting some sort of pulled back 'do for a month.
The party was great but also induced some panic as in, we have no damn pumpkins and I had such big plans for pumpkin picking.  So on Friday night, we headed to our local CVS parking lot for a good ole LA style pumpkin patch.

There was also a gigantic bouncy maze house which LO decided she needed to try.
DH and I were a bit surprised by her enthusiasm

So proud!
I also had big dreams of caramel and chocolate popcorn balls for the party and upcoming bake sale but when I tested them, I hated them.  So I made sugar cut-out cookies.   Unfortunately, my enthusiasm for the project waned.

First Batch
Second batch

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I didn't want to bring up that we bid on a FIFTH HOUSE as it seems really not worth mentioning at this point.  BUT then they accepted our offer and our house went into escrow and after signing away a hundred trees, we are in DOUBLE ESCROW.  "Oh isn't that great!" NOOOOO, our lives are a HOUSE OF CARDS.  One snag and this whole space ship blows up.  Not really but it is hard not to imagine some worst case scenarios playing out.  We will close on the new house on November 1 and our current house would close November 11.  So ten days to refinish the floors, paint and move in.  Everyone from the realtor to our financial planner has had to talk me back from the ledge. SO MUCH MONEY, SO MANY WAYS EVERYTHING CAN GO SIDEWAYS, SO MUCH CACTUS IN THE NEW YARD.  

Also, everything could go fabulous and we could have a NEW HOME that actually has a stove and dishwasher.  The house has been updated so it is no longer a Spanish charmer but more of a 90s sitcom but air conditioning, updated electrical and plumbing which supposedly I should care about.  I seem to be handling the stress well but I can't speak for others in this house.  

I have already mapped out party flow at the new house as soon as I can get it together sell my body to do some updates and buy furniture.  But it is a HOUSE and I am hoping to sign up for one of those shows where they come in and remodel your kitchen for free.  Yipppeee or get a reality show like Honey Boo Boo.  The elementary school is top notch and the neighborhood has sidewalks.  

To keep from hitting the bottle or eating away my stress, I have been engaging in some reading.  I read the Bright, Young Things series which was entertaining but not as good as the Luxe series.  I also read All Fall Down about cult survivors which should have been GREAT but was just ok.  The main appeal was that my library had it for loan on the Kindle.  I also read Mini-Shopaholic for the same library loan reason and I want those hours back from my life. 

Lastly, I feel that we have let you down on the Halloween front.  We have costumes but I have been a bit preoccupied so I am not hitting the Halloween drum as loudly this year.  LO is going to be Curious George, DH is going to be the Man with the Yellow Hat, I am going to Chef Pisghetti and Mama Cat is going to be Gnocchi.  Baby cat is going to be an angry black cat that hides under the couch.  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Crow and Baked Goods

Oh hey! What is new with you? Here are my deets!

We didn't get the house.  We got closer than ever before in back-up position one but I feel devastated and so let down.  You would think that we were trying for the last bit of beach property in Malibu and not an old house with a jank pool in West LA.   I had so many dreams for redoing this house but it is over AGAIN.  It is so hard not to become personally invested in each house as you have to LOVE it to bid a ton of money over asking price and then try and figure out the cost of redoing the house.  You have to see the possibilities before you bid and that means dreaming and planning a bit.  I feel so worn down and sad as each house consumes you for a week or longer.  So much paperwork in bids, counter offers and disclosures.  Unfortunately, we are not a family that can pay cash for a property so it feels like we may never get a house.  Every time we lose out, I see more appeal to leaving the area.

No one has bought our townhouse yet.  We showed our home to a kid whose dad is looking to purchase him a place.  He was most concerned about the parking situation for his friends to come over and seemed uninterested in the whole buying nonsense.  In unflattering moments, I imagine that he is the personality of the people we keep losing houses to and it makes me feel unkind.

Fun times
LO and I went to Pretend City with the Nugget and another friend this week and she had a great time.  She was on fire in the grocery store and mini house.  She has been asking DH to take her fishing so she liked the mini fishing as well.

After losing the house, I needed a toddler to throw herself on the ground and scream  a distraction and decided to head to Michaels to pick up some crafty items.  We bought some pumpkins and foam stickers and decorated.  LO loved the project as it kept her occupied for over an hour and let me make dinner all for seven dollars.  She made 12 pumpkins and has declared her art too special to gift which had been my original intention.  So we will decorate them as garland for her room and maybe pick out a few that can be shared.

School has had some ups and downs but today was really great.  We checked out yoga ballet in the morning before school which was way better than our usual ballet class.  There were boys in the class and more stretching and stories and less annoying moms with attitude and weaves.  Wednesdays are a 1:1 ratio of teachers to kids which she loves and gives me hope that one day LO will accept separation happily.  I was even able to work on my bored expressions so that she would seek out the teacher instead of me when she needs help.  I am really loving the school more and more.  I have signed up for school sponsored stuff and bake sales and offered to volunteer.  I love being involved so why not focus on LO's school.

I eat it daily.  LO watches Curious George and Caillou on the iPad sometimes over an hour a day when I shower and pick up the house in the mornings.  Don't judge me.  I also have changed my tune on the Luxe series as recommended by Princess Nebraska.  I had a hard time with the first one but bought the second one during a dry spell as she loved them and she is a real reader.  Now, I am hooked and read the third one in A DAY!

I am back on.  I need a kick ass bake sale item as the competition is fierce at LO's school.  I was naive last time but I am going full throttle this time peeps.  Will I spend more to bake and individually wrap the items than the school will make? Yes! Would it be easier to give the school money? Yes!! Will I sweat profusely trying to lug whatever down to the picnic and use choice words to DH? YES!!! Oh I have to pick my item NOW even though the battle picnic is five weeks away.  Watch your back, betty crocker.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I think I fixed the blog and comments should be a lot easier but I did remove Intense Debate as I was having issues that I couldn't fix.  Meh, I'm not a genius with the computer.  Sorry for all the issues, peeps.  Let me know if you have any more problems.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Future Horticulturist or Serial Killer

So I am going to check in about once a week around here? I see that some of you have given up on me which I TOTALLY understand.  I have kind of given up on me too.  I am going to go ahead and state that things have eased up a smidgen, kind of like when you have a baby and it gets a titch easier at six weeks? Mostly because all of our house showings stopped a few days ago which is TERRIBLE but a little easier on me.  Will someone PLEASE buy this place?!! For the love of all that is holy in this WORLD.  Other stuff that has been happening, hmmmmm.

LO is starting to like school a bit more and even walks without being carried at school for a lot of activities.  I attribute the change to the introduction of plant watering on day two.  I think she has a future in horticulture. I bought LO a small watering can and told her that she can be in charge of landscaping when we buy a new house.  One of the moms at school told me that LO seemed sporty and athletic. She also mentioned her short hair. Is that a compliment? 
Our school has the slowest separation plan possible as in you could stay all year if you or your child needs it.  I love that separation is family/child directed and I really do love the school.  I have slowly fallen in love especially after hearing a lot of horror stories.  The director is wonderful and always remembers LO and me.  The earliest that you can separate is at the end of the second week so when a mom stood up today and announced she was going to get a coffee for five minutes, I was a bit surprised but cool with it.  LO saw her leave and freaked out a bit but seemed alright and then the mom didn't come back for over an hour.  When I went to move the car for three minutes, LO lost her mind.  So I am a little bit confused on the whole separation thing but figuring that we will have to separate at some point.  I can only sit in toddler size chairs for so long.

We didn't get the house that I mentioned here.  I was heartbroken as usual but there is a new house and I love it.  There needs to be some updates like the lack of a DISHWASHER and the owner is taking the STOVE with him.  And there is a crusty old pool that I would like to fill in but DH wants it.  But there is a little pool house for changing your clothes-FANCY! So a new kitchen, electrical needs to be updated, no air conditioning and I refuse to take a shower until the moldy shower doors are replaced and the windows and doors need to be replaced before I can sleep there.  What do I like? The house is charming with its checkerboard kitchen floor and awesome covered patio.  I like that the cement has little foot prints from their kids that are now retirement age.  I like that the living room is all windows looking out to the backyard.  I see groovy pool parties from the seventies in the decrepit pool.  I see kids on bikes in the neighborhood.  The house was built in the late forties and needs a face lift and maybe a hip replacement but I see the potential.  This will only be the FOURTH house that we will be bidding on but I think we are getting better with each bid.  I can't sleep for a week during the process and then a week after due to stomach pain from my getting over it period but we are definitely improving.

I have also started exploring the next chapter in my career.  I am not starting anything until January when we will be settled in our new house HOPEFULLY but biz peeps seem to have a lot of faith in my ability to start my own little company.  I really want to work part-time putting LO first so I need to decide how that is going to work and ya know get paid.  I am sticking to my guns of taking six months without doing anything but meeting people for lunch and discussing opportunities is exciting.  It has been great to take a step out of the corporate world and decide what is next. Pool resurfacing doesn't come cheap.  

DH and I have also decided not to have another baby, WAHHHHHHHHHHH.   I am totally cool with it, I think.  Being in the winter of my reproductive years has been a little sad for me.  It is hard to say that there will be no more babies or births or first birthday parties.  I love, love, love being a mommy.  I am cool with the bottles, not sleeping and general newborn strangeness being over.  I just always imagined there being two and that one was a flamboyant homosexual who lived with me in South Beach or West Hollywood in my later years.  But it does make the whole career path a little clearer for me. 

Lastly, LO loves Curious George and watches him on the iPad (oh my private shame) and reads the books over and over again.  So imagine my surprise when she opened her bedroom door this am and called for me and then HAPPILY announced that she had destroyed ALL of her Curious George books.  I told her that we couldn't read them anymore and she helped me clean up the mess with a SMILE.  I mentioned Keyser Soze from Usual Suspects before but I may have texted DH to do a quick, "Is our child a future sociopath," check.  I am truly baffled.  What does it all mean???

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School

LO has been talking about school for weeks and she was excited to start today until I asked her to take a picture in front of the door with her new dress.  I learned from last year and let her pick it out.

Ok, maybe let's try inside with your new chair that had to be BLUE and necessitated a massive SEARCH for the exact color.

 After establishing that this was NOT school as it is a new campus, she let me take a picture.  Lovey was included but she isn't screaming.  She even seems a little excited except when we got inside and I had to carry her to each new activity even washing her hands.
 School is fun!

And then at the end of the day they read Llama llama Misses Mama and told a story about how kids get left at school and mommies leave and always come back.   LO started silently crying even though I was sitting right next to her.  She saw the writing on the wall and was pretty upset.  I am a little worried but hoping for the best.