Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NEW Me Part 3

Somebody mentioned that I may be going overboard to go to a bachelorette party BUT what no one understands is that I will let it ALL go unless I check myself once in a blue moon.  Do you think this lady just one day woke up and looked like this?! It was a gradual slide.  She USED to be HOT.

I did another crazy lunch run and purchased some make-up.  I purchased some foundation, eye shadow and mascara and mascara primer--a man with make-up showed me how to do it up.  I purchased eye cream too as my eyes were "parched." Yes, I have let me hair slide as we are having issues.  I don't want to talk about it.

After work, a lady is going to spray these gams with tan AND there was a late night pedicure last night after pilates.  I asked the sales girl about the latest in tanning because last time I tried tanning, there was a booth and you had to hold your breath and close your eyes and then turn around while toxic chemicals were shot at you.   Then around our wedding, there was a show about tanning and I went to get THE tan from one of the people on the show and OMG you had to keep wet paint on you for 12 hours and not touch anything.  Do you know how hard that is??? Do you have any idea what happens when a cat rubs against your tan? To you and the cat? SO someone is going to spray just the legs and I can shower after an hour or two.  Heck, I can just eat that whole time and it will go fast.

In cat news--Mama cat is home and she had a bath and is looking pretty damn good EXCEPT that the two cats fought all night long until one of them decided it was ALL too much and barfed on the rug.  The barf was discovered by LO stepping in it and the nanny texting me that the cats are fighting and the baby cat started it.  Obvs, she missed the Miami Makeover Memo that my regular life of cat barf and general grossness has been put ON HOLD for a few days.

Miami Update

After I posted yesterday, I ran out of the office and went to a nearby department store and asked for MAJOR help.  I have BEEN everyone including F21, H&M and all over online.  A dress was obtained, let me know your FEELINGS about said dress.  Let me also say that I don't buy dresses EVER.  It is sad times in the dress department as I have a very long torso and a bum making dresses uncomfortably short.  So ummm I went with a sparkle dress.  I have a little nagging feeling that it looks like an ice skating outfit but a REALLY nice one like in the Olympics or does this dress say who invited their mother to the party and why is she wearing a ball gown??!! If you know me in the real world, you will see A LOT of this dress over the next few months so you are REQUIRED to weigh in.
Use your imagination and PRETEND there is an awesome poll right here:
A  You are burning my eyes--take it off NOW
B Pretty dress but not for Miami
C This is SO Miami

Be good Internet friends and I will tell you all about my fight with my anorexic supermodel pilates teacher last night.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We Be Clubbin

I finished Sarah's Key last night and it was really amazing.  The first part is VERY hard to get through BUT I had no idea about all of the anti-semitism in France during the WWII BEFORE the Nazis were even there.  Also, that they already had CAMPS set up just outside of town for the Spanish peeps. The other crazy thing is that France didn't discuss the events or acknowledge the French police's involvement until 1995.  Every country has its shameful events, I am talking about you Native Americans and our own internment camps for the Japanese peeps after Pearl Harbor.  I doubt there was concierge service at those camps. SAD TIMES! So back to my own first world problems. 

I will be going clubbin over the long weekend in MIAMI with some chicks that have not had kids for my cousin's bachelorette party. You know, they are probably tan and not scared to show some skin. When I was in my first trimester with LO, I went to Vegas for a bachelorette. Oh my, it was torture on wheels as I was extremely nauseous, bloated and not cool looking. The bartenders screamed at me for ordering water and I basically wanted to kick everyone in site. The worst part was my horrible looking outfit that was left over from a Valentine's Date five years before.  So I am not pregnant or bloated at this moment but I am still lacking in the clothes department.  I started ordering cool clothes SIX weeks ago on the Internet and I have shipped EVERYTHING back.  I like my casual jeans and a cute top with flip-flops style but it is not Miami.  So as of now, I need a pedicure, laser hair removal, a tan and two-three cute outfits. Also, LO chucked my mascara behind her 100 pound changing table so add that to the list.  Oh yeah and I ran out of foundation two weeks.  So I am pretty sure that I can solve the mascara, foundation and pedicure issues.  What to do about the rest?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fondue Revolt

I have started a few posts in the past few days and not finished ANY of them. So a brief bullet point of some STUFF:

I have gelato on my tan suit--grrrrrr.  Ooooops add peanut butter as well.

LO projectile vomited all over the car AGAIN.  She sneezed and blueberries, peach yogurt and raisins shot out the moment we pulled up to get Grandpa Irv to go to Costco.  Gpa lives in the valley where it was 105 so the vomit roasted in the car resulting in a horrific smell.  It is a sad process as she is always stunned, scared and then sad when it happens.  I tend to be just stunned.

We went to a birthday party on Saturday about an hour and a half away from our house so we decided to stick around town and celebrate LO's 17 month birthday at the Melting Pot.  We were the first people there at 5pm, as we were waiting for our dessert, LO was impressed with the steam coming from the fondue pot so DH suggested we take her to Benihanas.  He did a quick Benihana knife impression and a woman got up and walked by our table and said, "Really" in a snotty voice.  It was weird as the restaurant was empty and it was now only 6pm.  I assumed she was going to the bathroom but she had told the manager.  He came over and asked us to be QUIET!  LO had not made a peep the entire meal and DH tapped some knives for 20 seconds max.  We asked for the check as I didn't want to sit there and talk in a whisper at a restaurant in a STRIP mall.  I don't think that I have EVER been asked to be quiet at any restaurant even when I was an obnoxious teenager at IHOP at midnight eating $1 all you can eat pancakes.  I was stunned that she couldn't just come over and say that we were disturbing them. 

I don't want to say that intolerancee is similar to the book I am reading about “La Rafle du Vel d’Hiv” in Paris during WWII where the French police brutalized their OWN people and separated children from their parents and left them in horrific conditions and KILLED them.  But here is my link, what happens when we can't talk to each other and small things make us fill with anger and intolerance. Hmmmmmm.  Sarah's Key has literally left me breathless at the absolute terror that those parents must have felt that they were unable to keep their children safe, nourished or even sheltered.  French neighbors watched as French families were rounded up and locked into a superdome with no food or water by French police. We can be sad about those tragic events and think how "far" we have come in the past 80 years but not so fast people.  I am worried about our entire planet as it seems like we have issues playing nice.  Why can't we all just get along, what is being accomplished by being TERRIBLE to each other.  Earthlings on earthlings crime, bleck.

Indulgence of the Day: Gelato

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Robbery #2

I robbed this from k as I thought I should write it down in case anyone was stalking me.

5:50 am DH's iPhone alarm goes off, I punch him if he doesn't jump out of bed or turn it off after a nano-second

6 am DH's iPhone alarm goes off and I scream an obscenity

6:10 am DH's iPhone alarm goes off and divorce is mentioned, he shuffles out of bed as he knows how good he has it.

7 am My alarm that I bought at Kmart when I was 18 and refuse to part with goes off, I push snooze

7:11 am My alarm goes off again and I try to remember the last time I washed my hair

7:20 am I shuffle into the bathroom to put in contacts and wash my hair. 

7:30 am Nanny arrives

7:35 am LO wakes up or I wake her up to give meds and change a diaper and give a morning hug

7:55 am LO is handed over for breakfast eating and I throw on make-up, blow dry my hair and pick out a suit

8:15 am I go downstairs to eat LO's leftover breakfast and say goodbyes, there is usually clinging and hugging and tears mostly from me
8:27 am I run out the door knowing that I am going to be late

8:40 am I arrive at work and run to my office

8:45 am I check my numerous email accounts and all of my communicato vehicles like FB

9 am I prioritize everything that needs a decision and see who will be in the office and then I begin trying to bother whoever has the next deadline for ads, tombstones, articles, events or general stuff

10 am IM from DH to tell me that he has a trip, dinner, cocktails that evening, next week or two months from now

9 -11:30 am I talk to all of my east coast peeps and get availability for folks for the day

11:30 am I eat my meal delivery lunch 300 calories at my desk while reading financial blogs--mmmm so good

Noon I go get frozen yogurt or pick up LO's prescriptions, drop off dry-cleaning (Weds are 50% off), go to the grocery store, run to the bank, cat stuff or take LO to an appt

1:15 - 5:30/6:30 pm Back at the office for more of the same and some blogging

6-6:45 pm Arrive home and tell the nanny, housekeeper or whoever is in my house to get going tout de suite

6:45 pm I eat dinner and LO has a snack, probably her sixth meal of the day and we talk about the day

6:52 pm I clean up dinner and we play and negotiate bubba bath time.  Sometimes she is not in the mood.

6:58 pm We head upstairs and do a bath or I chase her with a washcloth.  She spends the next 25 minutes dodging me and laughing/screaming at every turn for bathing, teeth brushing, meds, night diaper, lotion and pjs.
7:23 pm The dimmer is at the lowest setting, we discuss which books to read or she gets into bed where a good ten minutes is spent trying out pacis, taking multiple water breaks, picking out which animals will sleep with her and how the five loveys will be arranged.

7:35 pm She lays down for a millisecond and I rub her back and tell her it is bedtime

7:40 pm I leave the room and she spends the next 20 minutes rearranging and paci trying while I clean up whatever toys or bath items need to be put away.

8 - 8:30 pm I change into my pjs and sit down, like really sit down, like with my feet up and take a deep breath and hit the power button for some reality TV

8:30 - 9:30 pm DH arrives home and wants to discuss something before my 10pm no big discussion rule takes effect. 

9:30 - 10 pm He goes upstairs to find the iPad and he is zoned out. 

10 - 10:30 I follow him and wash the face, take out the contacts.  I then read my work/personal emails, respond and turn out the light.  Give DH a good kick if he is snoring and I am asleep.

Wow, just like a movie star.

Robbery #1

I straight robbed borrowed this from Belle Plaine as it sooooo sums up the way that I feel about a lot of stuff.  She is pregnant and I know the exact feeling of missing your body and freedom BUT I miss stuff too and I am not pg like my LEGS.

Things I miss about myself:
  • My legs--Wtf happened to my beautiful, skinny, tan legs? They look like they have been replaced with some white pasty grandma legs.
  • My bikini body--I used to only wear bikinis for YEARs in college.  Bikini and a short cover-up dress to CLASS with flip-flops.  Remember when the old lady in Titanic sees the naked pic of herself and calls herself a dish?? That is how I feel, what happened!?
  • The knowledge that I would for sure retire at 35 as that is when you are OLD but not quite decrepit
About being home:
  • More time with LO, obvs
  • Um, no make-up and taking naps.  I can freely admit it now as I am back in the grind BUT I was a hard core two hour napper. 
  • No dry cleaning or suits
  • Going places with no crowds during the week
  • Monday was not that big of a deal because it was always the weekend
Things I don't miss about being 22:
  • THE DRAMA--why is everyone and everything so dramatic
  • Cleaning my own toilet
  • Not being taken seriously at work
  • Being at the bottom of the ladder
  • Uncertainty of the future
Why 30+ is a teeny bit cool:
  • I am FANCY now--A person named Velvet came to my house today to advise me on some new furniture placement.  Only fancy people and hookers know people named, Velvet.
  • A lot of stuff has become WAY less important making everything else a lot easier.
  • I drink MUCH nicer wine and it tastes so good.
  • There is no ramen in my house
  • I am old enough that no one tries to advise me on life decisions or goals.  I am too far gone for it be a good use of their time.  HAHAHA
  • TV is not rotting my brain

Monday, August 22, 2011


LO is feeling a bit better but is still a little, "HOLD ME and don't ever put me down and I am going to tightly squeeze your neck so there is no chance that we will be separated." She was pretty upset going into the weekend and it seemed that DH had a hard time when I went to get my hair did on Saturday.  Sunday, she was feeling a bit better but DH was sick all day.  LO and I ventured out of the house for a bit to visit my aunt and see a friend as we both needed a change of scenery. 

We went to see our friends who have a six year old son and LO was smitten.  She seems to have moved on from the under two crowd as she followed him everywhere and if he was snacking on carrots, then she would snack on carrots. Ummm, carrots?!  Six year old boys have a lot of toys with pieces and she couldn't have been more delighted to play battle with him and his army men.  He was less excited about her enthusiasm.  She was not deterred and followed him everywhere with no worries about what mommy was doing.  She was pretty hilarious and made me look forward to the upcoming first day of school where she will get to interact with more kids.

Friday, August 19, 2011


When peeps from Northern CA come to visit me in So CA, they often question the traffic in the area.  Why is everyone stopped, is there an accident? They try to find a REASON for all of the people sitting on the road going nowhere.  I try to explain that there are too many people living in So CA so there is just unexplainable traffic.  I understand the feeling of wanting an explanation for everything.  So after all of the theories on LO.

I THINK we have figured out what is going on.  She has roseola or sixth disease which brings on a rapid temperature, sometimes convulsions (febrile seizures), fatigue, loss of appetite, diarrhea and a rash after the fever subsides.  Cue rash which we discovered all over her last night.  Oh and massive irritability, check! Check to all of the above. The other night she was throwing CDs at me like a ninja star.  The pediatrician who finally came back from vacation thinks it is roseola and I concur. OR it is menopause.  We had one hour of screaming last night which was an improvement over previous evenings.   They can also have a sore throat which may have been the reflux I was hearing.  So there you have it, a reason for the madness.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


DH loves Scrabble as he views himself as some sort of word craftsmen.  I abhor playing games with someone who takes TEN minutes per turn.  We tried playing electronic Scrabble on our phones until he ACCUSED me of cheating as he "was only familiar with me using four letter words," and found some of my turns to be more sophisticated than my vocabulary.  We stopped playing altogether after that incident.  Moving on. 

Everyone keeps telling me about the "explosion" of words that happens around this age.  LO is not very quick with the words. She will maybe say something once like "Duck" or "Thank You" and then we never hear it again.  She has mastered "NO" and "This" (while pointing and grunting) which she has seemed to be content sticking with as it gets her everything that she desires.  In the last week, she has started saying "Hey," not Hi but "Hey."  As in hey, come get me or get me some "eese" (cheese) when the refrigerator opens.

She will also say "Bubba Bat" (bubble bath). We are slowly working our way to the eight word minimum at 18 months that is considered sufficient.  But "Hey" and "No" seem to be the words of choice and I can't help but wonder if our vocab at home is not some sort of derivative of this non-explosion of words. 

An example of a convo at our house after a long day:

DH & I walk through the door from work, "Heyyyyyyyyy babe"

We see the cat on the counter, "HEY, NOOOOOOOO"

"What do you want to do this weekend?" - Response "Grunt"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gangster Way of Living

Have you seen the movie, Usual Suspects? The story of Keyser Soze, who comes home to find his family raped and beaten so he kills his family and the gang members to let the criminals know he means business but he lets one of the guys go so that he can pass on the message that he is crazy? Always leave one person to be the messenger. Gangsta.

I went to pick up my radioactive cat on my lunch break where I had to be there at 1:30 exactly to pick her up and they kept me waiting for 20 minutes and then a technician lazily strolls out to ask if I am here to pick up my cat.  No, I'm here with an empty carrier hoping someone will throw some kibble my way for lunch. A-hole. 

So he starts going over the requirements for aforementioned cat that include keeping six feet away from her for the next two weeks and keeping LO from touching her.  "It is ok to pass in the hall." AND her litter is considered radioactive so you can't throw it away. ALSO you must wash your hands after touching her.  I would be fine NEVER touching her but that cat is all over everyone non-stop.  So I get pissed and say that we were told not to play in her litter box for a few days and that was about it.  Blank stare, blank stare.  So I FLIP the F**k out.  DH is traveling and I needed to get back to work and I was not taking the "secreting" cat back to the house with a sick kid. 

I start stalker calling the vet and demanding to talk to the referring doctor to say that I was dropping off the cat.  I listened to old school gangster rap to keep my rage high.  They discussed protocol and abilities.  I told them I would be there in five minutes and they could either board the cat or put her to sleep.  I just had to let go and be willing for the cat to DIE.  So I backed my car into the parking spot closest to the street for a quick getaway, ran into the vet and put the cat on the floor near the desk.  This is the part where I wish that I could say I hightailed it out of there but that damn cat has a microchip.

So I approached the desk and they started giving me business about isolation and they have to wear gloves, etc and I told them that I was willing to put her to sleep even though I had just spent $1,500 on the radiation.  They showed me how much it would all cost and I was still opting for the sleep cure or me opening up the carrier in their office and seeing what happened.  They reduced the bill by 60% and I agreed that she could live. That doctor never came out to see me as he was SCARED but they sent in a nice English lady to speak with her accent to calm down my gangster RAGE.  The point of this story is to put the damn cat to sleep at the beginning.  Gangster Soze style.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


A recap of this crap week so far:

Sunday, we attend a fun birthday party for a lovely two year old where LO slowly gets a fever of 103.2.  She is up multiple times throughout the night crying. The baby cat cries throughout the night as she misses Mama cat.  Poor LO, not baby cat.

Monday, we head to the doctor in between non-stop business meetings.  I feel like a super mom who has it all under control.  I get stuck at work until 7:15 and want to stab myself with a hot poker for not being home early to be with my sick baby.  DH is at a work dinner so LO is with the nanny.  I feel like a shitty mom and worry about my baby.  The monitor keeps heading down the path of rapid decline rendering it useless.  We keep the doors open which baby cat views as an invitation to walk all over my pillow. 

Tuesday, we wake up and LO still has a fever and only wants to be held.  She eats and goes back to bed for the entire morning except for some blowouts which may be the stomach flu or the ibuprofen.  I go home at noon to wake her up and assess the situation given all of my medical training.  I declare her well enough to put off the doctor another day and come back to work to write this horribly boring post which was about to go into me needing to pick up the radioactive cat and dreading it.

Please save me from myself and suggest a TV series that I would like or a delicious treat that won't blow my diet.  Those are the only two things that will save this week.  We don't have premium channels but I have watched and liked Weeds and Entourage.  I also enjoy 30 Rock and the Good Wife.  I love peanut butter, milk chocolate, CAKE, raspberries and whipped cream but not necessarily all together.  What else can I snack on besides rice cakes??

*There is an apartment building close to us named Crapi, not Capri.  I pronounce it crap-eye, whaddya think?

Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Only Money

LO's pediatrician and GI doctor are both on vacation this week so we have been dealing with some on call business and substitute docs.  The fake ped suggested that we wait until LO has another "episode" before going to the neurologist.  I started casually researching pediatric neurologists to get some reviews and understand where we would want to go, if needed.  Then I thought it might be good to talk to one for advice and then I discovered a great one two blocks from my house.  Then I called and they had a cancellation in an hour, I asked about authorizations from insurance and they told me that I could get approval first, blah, blah or I could see someone in an HOUR.  Before the weekend, not three weeks from now or after another visit to the ER.  I could discuss and bring my nanny to someone who specializes in this sort of thing in an HOUR.  I said we would take the appointment, money be damned.

I didn't love the neurologist BUT she saw us in an HOUR.  She listened to the nanny, observed LO and she believes that it was NOT a seizure.  Something definitely happened but she believes that it was something in the gut.  Good news for the brain, bad news for the tummy.  We have had a hard time with the meds lately, I'm not going to lie.  She also woke up screaming twice last night just like she did on Tuesday from her nap before the "event."  So I feel a bit better and am looking forward to spending TWO days with her.  We got her a spiffy Schwinn bike that we are going to try out.  
Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle
Oh yeah, and the Mama cat got her huge dose of radiation and is now radioactive. awesome. We had to delay getting her until next Wednesday yipppeeee as her tumor was that big.  Also, at an additional expense. blargh

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cat Tumor

Oh yeah, the Mama cat is getting radiation this week.  Here is a pic of her tumor scan. sigh.


All of our test results are back and she is negative for infection and everything else is normal.  So we don't know the cause of the episode.  I am slowly coming around and believing that she probably had a seizure.  It is so unexpected and scary but there is not much that can be done except to wait and see if it happens again.  From my research on the ol' Internet it seems common in children.  If you have any advice or experience with seizures, please share.  Thank you for all the kind thoughts.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Still waiting for test results.  I stayed home to observe her.  I observed a happy baby.  What to do in the mean time?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Don't Panic People, We Believe in Rainbows and Sparkles Only

I wrote this earlier today at 2:30pm:

"I'm hankering for a project, a hobby or something.  It is sizzling beneath the surface as I strive to find somewhere to direct the energy.   I have lost the weight, solved the no job situation, threw the party, took the baking class, booked a trip and found a new trainer.  My house is filled with paper goods, diapers and cat litter.  I am busy for the foreseeable future with plans to see friends, birthday parties and other child related stuff but something is gnawing at me."

I cursed myself because I received a phone call at 5:15pm that something was wrong with LO.  The nanny thinks it was a seizure.  I refuse to believe it as I live in a happy place that I like to refer to as denial.  I refuse to believe that something could possibly be wrong with someone that I love so much.  We spent many hours at the emergency room and she seems fine.  Her tests came back normal but we will know more tomorrow, hopefully.   The nurse said we were unusually calm, I wanted to explain the benefits of denial but it seemed pointless.  We made it three hours without turning on the TV but then got desperate, as the crazy person screaming had us all on edge, and let her play with the TV on mute.  She chose the "Family Guy" and the fat dude was naked on the show.  Blargh.

Monday, August 8, 2011

PC Term for Old Person?

Do you ever think about how you will act when you reach a certain age of distinction?  Besides fearing aging like I fear being pecked to death by birds, I wonder who I will be in 50 years.  I am aiming for Dorothy's mother with a tiny bit of Rose and no Dorothy.  My grandma, Grandpa Irv's wife, was pretty awesome and understood the importance of ice cream DAILY, swimming and bagels with melted cheese on one side and cream cheese on the other side while watching Bewitched.  She understood that I needed quiet time at the end of a long day and always obliged my request to weigh ourselves on the fancy electronic scale in her closet daily. 

One of the advantages of being a certain age is that you can say almost anything and no one thinks poorly of you as you are of a different generation and therefore garner respect.  We were at Grandpa Irv's senior residence last night to celebrate his decision to stay in So CA and this lady questioned that LO was a girl.  Happens a lot due to the lack of hair.  She kept asking just to make sure that I was positive.  She told me that she sure had the build and look of a boy and that she would probably be great at male sports.  That is awesome on so many levels.  If your old and you see a baby that you think isn't cute or feminine, you can blurt out that she looks like a football player! Or that boy looks like he would be good at ballet. 

Later on I gave LO a tiny bite of cake that ended up on her shirt so I took her shirt off and one of the older gentlemen said she looked sexy.  If he was 40 years younger, you would have thought pedophile but totally acceptable when you are old.  No one really argues or belabors a point with you so you assume that you are right all the time! You can tell stories about people from a long time ago as no one remembers the details or key people have passed on.  My grandfather told me recently that he dated a brassiere model when he was younger.  "Not underwear, just brassieres." Awesome.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

This Ol' Thing

I'm not saying I bought this today for LO's first day at her new "school" with the Gap 30% off coupon but I may have. I mean I'm one of those more casual moms that just go with whatever and I do NOT plan her outfits for months in advance.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Partial Win

I may have mentioned a zillion times that getting into preschool here is quite the daunting and expensive challenge.  We ended up applying to three schools even though, those in the know, suggest five to six.  We were just asked to join one of the toddler programs that meets once a week during the middle of the work week.  A toddler program is the first step towards being accepted to the preschool.  It is our safety school, like when you apply to college, but it starts in September and here is the description: 

"This one hour and 45 minute program consists of indoor and outdoor play, snack, story and circle time for children." Exciting.

This is the description for my top preschool pick:
"Our toddler program philosophy recognizes children as competent individuals and values their emotional, social and physical experiences. Inspired by RIE and Reggio Emilia approaches, the Explorations classes are centered around observation, free play and the wish to understand and appreciate each child’s unique developmental achievements and challenges within the context of the toddler group. Family members or care-givers stay with children for the 90-minute classes, which include about eight toddlers each.  Our toddler teacher is a caring and nurturing educator who understands early childhood development and learning and is applying her knowledge of the RIE and Reggio philosophies in the creation of a lovely toddler environment full of potential discoveries for young children and their families."

I think it will be a good experience for her to have the time around other children and be at a "school."  It will mean that the nanny will have to drive her on occasion which makes me a bit uncomfortable.  I am going to commit to going at least once a month and have DH make a commitment to do once a month as well.  I thought that I would find a better daycare solution that was a full day, instead of a nanny, for preschool but that has not materialized for us.  I am going to give the Fall session a shot and see how it works out.  What will be her first day of school outfit? sniff, sniff

Things that Don't Suck

I may be addicted to shopping and sugar as I see something and I HAVE to have it or consume it.  I try to talk myself out of some things but I can't help myself.  The pink piano comes to mind. So when I was out walking today, I remembered that we have a few kid birthday parties this month and I was browsing around for ideas to later buy on amazon. Then I saw something that I knew I had to purchase.  Even though, I was on foot and my car was being serviced so I would need to bring him into the office, this pink rubber donkey was coming home with me.  Meet Rudy and if we are invited to your birthday party in the next month, he may have a home with you.  He is from Italy, rubber and 100% recyclable.  Your welcome in advance.
  Hot Kid Organic Baby Mum-Mum Original Flavor Rice Biscuit, 24-Count (Pack of 6)

As an addicted avid Amazon shopper, I thought I would share a few things that I love besides the rubber donkey.  These organic rice husks are awesome.  There is nothing in them and they don't crumble.  They are just fun to eat and LO hearts them.

Nuby Embossed Section Plate, 2 Pack, Colors May VaryLO prefers her food to be divided and not touching making these plates really handy.

I bought these flip-flops and they are super comfy.  I live in flip-flops and not all are created equal.  The Brazil flag gives it a certain je ne sais quoi.

Havaianas Women's Brazil Flip Flop,Black,37-38 BR/(6.5-7.5 M US)I love reading funny blogs and I am always looking for more blogs to read.  Suri's Burn Book is ridiculous but often hilarious.  I also like the cut of this person's jib and her squirrel obsession.

Little Mommy It's a Girl Doll (Blue Blanket)We bought LO this doll for her birthday and she really likes it.  The doll is a good size for her to tuck under her arm and reasonably priced.  Who knew that dolls were not cheap?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Does This Happen To You?

When I was pg, I was asked a minimum of a million times if I would be returning to work.  Half of those times were from my 90 year old grandfather.  He told me that my grandmother quit working the day that her eldest preferred the nanny to her by calling her mama.  And that story has now morphed into an every time I talk to him version when discussing my job, the nanny or house.  I find it amusing and believe that the story probably has more nuances than he is mentioning.  I run home a few times a week during the lunch hour to pick something up or see LO.  I work close by and I had an aunt tell me that you can never surprise visit too many times. So today is when the heartbreak happened.  I came home to pick up a key that I forgot this am and LO whined when she saw me and ran to the nanny to pick her up.  The worst part was that the nanny was obviously embarrassed for me. 

I am close to tears every Sunday night at the thought of another long week without seeing her all day and she prefers her nanny. WTF? Great, she feels secure in her relationships.  AWESOME. I feel SO happy.  I know that it is temporary and she was probably in the middle of something but girlfriend has stopped acknowledging my leaving the house as well.  Also, this weekend brought two large-ish tantrums which make me feel bad as we employ the take the child outside and ignore method of parenting.  I think it is effective but sometimes it is hard to be firm when they are sooooo pissed.  The first tantrum came at the Natural History Museum where we went to see the butterfly exhibit.  We went into the new dinosaur exhibit and she insisted on pushing her stroller which is fine but after she ran into the third kid, it was time to stop and get in the stroller as it was pretty crowded.  I like to smile serenely and pretend that my child isn't arching her back and bright red from screaming.  We had to leave and go outside and then I just wanted to leave as it was a mommy and me activity and kid focused and if she was upset, what was the point? 

The second time was at grandpa's house when she wanted to run around with a cup of blackberries on his new beige carpet instead of eating them in the kitchen.   He looked at her on the ground screaming and said that must have come from DH's side of the family.  I tried to calm her down as I was a bit embarrassed and she hit my leg (side eyes to LO's friend that hits, just kidding), proving the ignore method does work better.  All of it ends up making me feel sad that we aren't frolicking and singing with our little time together.

Wanted: Extreme Makeover

Hey, it's me. I need some assistance with my look, Internet pals.  You can see that by 3 pm, you could polish your car with the amount of shine on my face.  My hair was washed and styled which is highly unusual.  Most days, it is pulled back and very frightening (see below) like today.  The below is how I came to work, not at the end of a 18 hour day washing cars.

I am losing the battle and WAR, how do I look 29.5 instead of 50? What are your secrets? Products that you love? Also, I spend about five minutes getting ready.  I have thick (shiny) skin, lay it on me.