Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big Girl

LO went to the doctor today for her 15 month appointment and she finally hit 20 pounds.  I was guessing 28-30 as she feels like a solid brick but girlfriend is still teeny. Her appointment went really well except that she only has one more chance to wean off her reflux medication or the doctors will begin doing more invasive testing. We tried two weeks ago and we had to go back on them as she was vomiting and highly uncomfortable. I was pretty disappointed and I started another big post on reflux in children but haven't posted. 

To sum it up, I am a strong believer in treating reflux with medication in children who have discomfort from their reflux.  It is not a popular view and most people find that meds don't work because doctors under dose with a histamine H2-receptor antagonist like Zantac which are usually not effective in infants or small kids for extended periods of time.   Proton pump inhibitors like Nexium work better in children but are not FDA approved making doctors resistant to prescribing.   So why am I going into this much boring detail?  When we tried to wean LO off the meds, it made me realize how much they help her.   LO takes both which I have been told is scientifically incorrect as the Zantac is rendering the Nexium useless.  I have tried all different combinations and this works for us.  I think it is sad when parents are told that their baby has colic or is just fussy.  Maybe I should check out some adults I know that are fussy and get them some reflux medication.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Babies & Parades

We had an awesome weekend with a visit to the LA Zoo on Saturday morning where I embarrassed myself by getting IRATE over them not validating a coupon code that I had sent to all of my friends that offered $10 off a membership and a "Plush Elephant."  I had called the membership office the day before to check it out and they told me that it was fine, only to arrive to find my friend having an issue with the code and not offered the plush elephant.  I had to go mom crazy on them and demand to see a manager.  If I promised LO a PLUSH ELEPHANT than she was getting one.  Let's just say I was victorious to save a little of my dignity and LO eyed the elephant and tossed it aside as it was the size of a beanie baby and NOT plush.  One small fact that was not offered in any of the literature was that the LA Zoo is on the side of a MOUNTAIN.  You have to push your kids uphill to see any of the animals.  You arrive at the top sweating and all you want to do is run to the bottom and go home.  We went with my mommy group and had a great time but a small disclaimer was definitely needed on the non-plush elephant and mountain zoo.

Sunday we tried out a new marketplace in the new mall that offered awesome food, wine, cheese, chocolate and wares at small stands or stores.  They had plush seats to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather with a bottle of wine and your food.  We ate lunch and then spotted the ferris wheel at the pier.  DH thought LO would be too scared to go but me thinks he didn't want to fight the people on the pier a bit.  She loved it and the views were amazing. 

Soooooo, since summer is in full swing and we opted to stay home instead of go on a trip this weekend, I decided to put LO in a parade.  The idea came to me about two hours ago and I am waiting to hear back from the city organizers but what kid would not want to be in a PARADE.  I have a big wagon to decorate and I am thinking about buying some themed tutu legwarmers and a big dumb bejazzled outfit for her.  DH ignored my text when I ran it by him so FULL STEAM ahead.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Word to Your Mother

Hugs and Hearts with Arrows

Somebody help me.  I can't get comment luv to work and I need someone to HELP make it work and reinstall Google Analytics. I am paying in hugs and maybe a LO sticker. I can't promise that the sticker she offers will have all the pieces but it is with love. You could probably eek a cocktail out of me too if the sticker has cat hair on it.  I need you to take my log-in and password and JUST do it.  Thank you, please.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Babies with Alcohol & Birds

Really people, I have been poring out my little soul on this blog.  I have gone deep (for me) and showed you my LIFE.  I don't normally look at stats on my blog but I have been thinking of doing some refreshing on the comments section and took a gander.  I am annoyed with Blogger as it is hard for me to post on other peep's blogs and I thought that I should try an easier way for you to post on mine. So I looked at the most popular posts of ALL time, I wasn't expecting Mama's near death experience to win or my BIRTH story. But these two pictures are the winners! LO flipping the bird and her at Costco with scotch??

Also, ummmm how could we not have noticed that she had some face, eye, torticollis thing going on? The right side of her FACE is pulled down in the first pic. WTF? She was probably flipping the bird because we had not noticed her FACE. Love really is blind.

My Maria

I have a cleaning lady every other week, judge me.  Think poorly of me, but the moment I had two nickels, I knew that one nickel would go to someone to help organize me.  I am a clean person but I don't pick up after myself well.  My kitchen is neat but my bedroom always looks like a cyclone of clothes.  I grew up in an extremely clean, tidy house but I am not that person.  I had my own place with no roommates about seven years ago and that is when a crazy lady came into my life and helped me clean and do the laundry.

She passed the job off to her sister which I didn't realize as she always came during the day when I was at work.  This is when things started to go downhill as she wasn't very good. She would show up a week late to clean, always talked on the phone and would stay at the house all day.  I felt an inclination to keep her as I was too lazy to find a new trustworthy person.  I kept Sita through two moves and six years until I got pregnant.  I knew that we had to step it up as the house would not be clean after she left so I let her go.  But she came BACK, just showed up one day as if I hadn't fired her and I was too tired to explain again.  She was my Rosario without the humor or Jack.  Finally, DH came in to do the dirty work about six months ago as she was still there hanging out when I was trying to put LO to bed.

We decided to try a nice lady who was quiet, always showed up and only stayed for three hours.  I felt that something was off.  It just didn't seem quite right to have such a normal person that spoke English clean our house.  She did an alright job but not great.  THEN I went to Erica's house and met Maria.  From the bad dye job to the teal eyeshadow and the loud voice with not a lick of English, I was hooked.  We hired her right away.  I knew I had made the right decision when I went home early from work with a fever and a stomach ache and she marched into the bedroom started yelling and then grabbed my legs and poured rubbing alcohol all over my feet and legs. It was surprising and weird and it helped.  I heart her.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Things I Dig

I thought I would do a review on some adult stuff that I am digging right now.

I am big on the white jeans, capris and bermudas during summer.  I do NOT wear shorty shorts, the combo of pasty legs and age have propelled me into the more sophisticated arena of white longish bottoms to make me look less pale and scary. White jeans need a break every once in awhile so I purchased these jeans.  You have to walk a fine line when buying light jeans but these are super soft and looking hip 70s style or I am lying to myself as they are currently on sale.

I am on a diet for the 47,000th time and it is hard because I LOVE to eat SUGAR.  I love sugar so much that I would marry it.  But instead I nibble on my salt free rices cakes.  I really like them and they curb the dieting rage that I feel constantly.  You should try them again as they taste like nothing but you are eating.  They eat like a super awesome cracker while I'm working. MMMMMMmmmmmm.  You pair it with a Perrier and that is some fun.

I wouldn't have to diet if it wasn't for this crazy place where it is STRAWBERRY month.  I love white cake with strawberries and they have cupcakes with strawberries in them.  WAHHHHHHH.

Ok, back on track for reviews.  I am not a big make-up person and I can't even paint my own toenails much less fingernails so it has to be quick and easy.  I found the Vincent Longo water canvas foundation to be pretty amazing.  I was wondering around Bloomingdale's and a lady sat me down and tried it on me and I really liked it.  I wore no makeup when I wasn't working so I needed something fresh and new.  I was sad to discover that it was $56 for a small container so I am searching for something else that is similar and cheaper.
Vincent Longo Creme-To-Powder Foundation Soft Beige
I dig these sandals, I bought a pair in Spring and have worn the heck out of them.  They are super comfy, look cute and the flower distracts from longish toes or old pedicures.  LO vomited all over them last night but I had been thinking ahead and had ordered a second pair for next Summer! is a great place to buy shoes as they usually have a coupon on, free overnight shipping and you can use your Amazon login.

I bought this book a few weeks ago and I have really enjoyed looking through it for ideas on vacations with LO.  There is so much fun stuff to do before they are teens and don't want to hang with you anymore.
Frommer's 500 Places to Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up

I looked at this book too and thought it would be a fun gift when she is older.
101 Places You Gotta See Before You're 12!

Here is a list of websites that have been helpful lately.

Trip planning user photos and reviews are priceless when looking for a hotel. suggested itineraries and list of attractions are great when deciding on your next trip

Small People Shoes always have a coupon, free and quick shipping

Other'm not financially savvy so the paycheck calculators help me figure out how much of my paycheck I will see have to have my celeb gossip

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Fall

This weekend found me unsettled and unsatisfied with everything.  I wanted to go out Friday night but arrived home to a cranky and tired baby.  I wanted to talk about finances and DH wasn't in the mood.  I was feeling disconnected from LO as I had missed her all week and she just wanted to go to bed.  Saturday started a new day and I wanted to DO something beyond the regular grocery store, park, walk to Whole Foods with aforementioned shopping carts.  I had wanted to visit Greystone Mansion but they were having a large event.  We decided to head over to Helms Bakery as they have a large paved area perfect for shopping carts and a French cafe with my favorite chocolate chip cookies. 

I finally relaxed during the meal and we were off to do some serious shopping cart pushing.  The first spot was not conducive to pushing as it was cobblestone so DH picked up the cart and I picked up LO who was squirming and walked to the smooth concrete.  As we were walking, I tripped over a metal planter sticking up from the cement.  I attempted to catch myself but couldn't put my hands out as I was holding LO so my only option was my feet.  It didn't work and we went down silently as I was so shocked that my worst nightmare was happening.  Before I gave birth I was so concerned that someone would slide on the wood stairs in my house.  I didn't wear socks or slippers in winter when I was holding her and I asked that the nanny carry her separate from other items to prevent any accidents. 

The next few minutes were blurry as my right side hit the pavement while I attempted to shield LO.  A nice lady who happened to be a nurse rushed over as she had seen it happen.  My whole body was in shock and I couldn't speak.  DH yanked LO out of my arms the instant it happened so I felt complete and utter panic that I had hurt my baby as I could hear her screaming but couldn't see her.  A crowd of people started asking me questions and I finally was able to talk and I became hysterical that they needed to check out my baby.  Finally, after a thousand times of multiple people telling me that she didn't have a scratch on her, I was able to sit up and assess the situation.  I felt no broken bones just a lot of pain all over and shock.  The nurse told me that she watched me curl around her and fall without her touching the pavement.

We went home to get some ice and pain relievers and I felt quietly shaken.  How could it have happened? I am so careful and I felt so horrible.  DH attempted a joke by saying that I was clumsy and people that drop babies don't deserve cookies which makes me tear up as I write it.  I know that it was supposed to be a joke but I burst into tears.  He had spoken the words that I felt that I wasn't good enough or careful enough or worthy to have such an amazing daughter.  Now that I am fully ensconced in my new job, I miss my long days with LO and the hugs and laughter at my dancing and singing.  I feel guilty when I am proud of a work goal as it is time away from my precious baby.  Falling made all of my insecurities come to the surface as I attempt to parent and nurture in my own unskilled and often random ways. 


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shopping Cart Life

Shopping Cart Review

Now that I am the proud owner of three shopping carts, I thought I would throw out a review for those in the market.  We even test drove some baby carriages.

Who doesn't like to see a miniature person take a stab at the homeless life by pushing a cart?  If you don't live in an area with massive amounts of homeless people then you may be unaware of the awesome shopping carts that pop up.  You have the homeless hoarder who has three shopping carts tied together, the upscale homeless that rolls with an older model Maclaren or Bugaboo stroller or the travelling homeless who rolls with a suitcase.  I am now placing LO in the hoarding homeless as she has THREE push carts.  I was really into it when she started pulling up and walking and we tried this one at Erica's house.  I was not impressed as I felt like it was really hard for her and she fell a lot.

Plan Toy Baby Walker

So then we went to the Little Tikes Shopping Cart and it was love at first sight. She loved it, I felt more secure in the balance of weight but the wheels kept falling off and this really irritated her to the point where she was constantly checking them.  It resulted in a misunderstanding at Whole Foods where I thought she was insisting on buying carrots and she was trying to tell me that the wheel flew under the display.  In my defense, she wants weird things at the grocery store.
Little Tikes Shopping Cart - Yellow/Red

DH and I walked with her to a neighboring toy store with her cart with the wheels flying off and she saw this cart.  DH was ready to buy it on the spot but I felt that we needed to show some restraint and she had a shopping cart.  It was hard for her to leave this cart behind.

Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart

So as I got ready to go back to work, I considered a mini baby stroller as she had shown a lot of interest in the big stroller so we tried out a generic version of this one which OMG is so cute. She fell on her face as it was just too much for her.
Polka Dot Doll Pram

So I bought this one for half the price and it seemed a lot more stable.

Little Tikes Classic Doll Buggy

But as the reviews said, the wheels don't turn.  Everyone seemed to make it out to be no big deal but it is a big deal for the WHEELS not to work.  The stroller is so CUTE and looks great in the living room but is mostly useless.

So after the carrot incident and now that LO really likes to walk the neighborhood with her cart, I broke down and bought the Melissa & Doug shopping cart.  I put it together last night and she was very excited as the front wheels turn so she can adjust when she runs into the wall.  The only small issue that I see is that it is heavy and fast and she seems to be more comfortable going backwards which presents its own problems.  We are going to take it for a spin tonight, possibly to Whole Foods.

Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So CA Style

The Sequel

Ever since the Vietnamese Food Baby 2011, I have been thinking that there may not be a sequel to this story.  I REALLY like this life and the one and only baby.  I feel that I have more love to give but I thinks that I may only have one bambino.  I would have another little tiny baby all day long but I hear that they grow up and don't want to be hugged similar to the first kid.  I am wistful and sad that this may it, but I'm not convinced that two is the way to go for our family.

I watched Anna on Sunday afternoon which was a lot of fun.  But it was hard to get two kids in the car to go somewhere and being on the move is important to me.  There was also a little bit of jealousy as both kids decided that I should hug them and hold them at the same time.  DH was no good, just mommy.  LO didn't want me holding another baby and I felt like Anna needed extra attention as everything was unfamiliar so I didn't want her to be scared as she is just a baby as well.  I have never seen LO jealous as she usually has all the attention.  She was fine sharing except when it came to mommy and a special duck book at my aunt's house.   I imagine that two kids is a lot about juggling your attention, hugs and special time.  I realize that love is infinite but time and arms are definitely finite.  I'm glad that I waited to have LO but I wish that there was more time to make the decision for another. 

Monday, June 13, 2011


I taught LO that she should definitely scream when excited.  Why not release a little of that tension in her quest to conquer the world?

Rainmaker or Worker Bee?

I was coming back from a presentation last week and asking questions about people and different firms in town and a person I worked with, called one person a rainmaker and one a worker bee.  How do you define yourself? A worker bee in my mind is a clock watcher and time card puncher or someone that blogs at work. hahahahhahaaa  They drive a boring car, have pale ankles, and are only moderately happy.  I think of Michael Douglas in that movie where he goes berserk after sitting in traffic. A rainmaker is a hustler that makes it all happen, spraying champagne at the bar and vacationing on a yacht. Obviously tan ankles from all of that sunning with models on the yacht.  Are these images what Hollywood is projecting on us?

So the flip side of the rainmaker is that he is not seeing his kids and they grow up to be drug addicts while the worker bee is giving his kids enough but not everything so they have the drive to want more.  I would guess that if you asked 90% of college grads they would want to be rainmakers as it sounds like more fun. So how do most of us, including myself, end up as worker bees? Are the rainmakers having as much fun as they seem to be?  Do rainmakers give their kids the ability to be a rainmaker? I see kids dressed up by their important parents being paraded around to meet the rainmakers in town with the hopes of landing a summer internship or the low rung on the ladder in the climb to be the next success.

Somewhere along the way, I feel like I stepped off the ladder. I never wanted to be CEO but worker bee was not in the grand plan.  As a woman, I feel that you need to reach a certain level by a certain age or you will plateau. There is a glass ceiling and the family/work balance is not evenly divided.  Sorry, you may be able to name examples where that is not the case but I am telling you from where I sit, gender equality is a myth.  It is partially my fault in my family, I choose to have the closer relationship with my daughter. I want to be the one she wants right now so my career takes the backseat. I could blame it all on her but that is not the case. I stopped the path to rainmaker before she was even born.  I still have the fire but the flame is pretty low.  Are you still conquering the world and on your way to making it rain? How is your flame doing?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dum Dum

Conversation in my house

Me & DH in 5 minutes that we talk alone in the same room each evening

Me:  Have you been following the Casey Anthony trial?

DH: Is that the one where the parents killed the kid?

Me: Those are the grandparents, their daughter is on trial for murder.

DH: Mumble, mumble, not interested, mumble

Me: So there was a really exciting witness on the stand today and they may let the jury smell the trunk of the car.

DH:  What? mumble, not interested, mumble, you obviously have your facts wrong, mumble

Me: Yes, they have a can that contains the smell of the car that witnesses have been testifying smelled like death.

DH: Mumble, did you bake these cookies, mumble, mumble

Me: Yes, that is why there is baking utensils out. So do you know what this means?

DH: What means?

Me: You could send someone a fart in the mail!

DH: Why wouldn't you just fart on them, I could fart on you right now.

Me: Sigh.

Me in my head: This is why we are not really fit for polite company.

Bad Vietnamese Food or Pregnant?

WARNING--We are going to talk about the female anatomy and possibly sex.  Stop reading if any of the following apply to you.
1. You are male.
2. You are related to me.
3. You are grossed out by peeps mentioning sexy time.

Recently, I decided to go off the pill for no particular good reason.  I felt like I didn't need it and there is really a very small window to get pregnant each month and with all of my wackadoodle female anatomy issues, the chances really decrease.  When I was trying to get pregnant, I would watch 16 & Pregnant Season 1 and bemoan all of those kids who were having babies.  Why?? Why??? How do they have a Corona and bam they are pregnant.  I was tracking and testing and all the horribly unromantic stuff that comes along when you realize that you are screeching towards a dip in the fertile years.  I didn't discuss it with DH but just came to the last pack and didn't get a new prescription.  It may have been partial laziness as well.

So the first month rolls around and we actually get romantic during the danger time and I am a tad bit nervous even though I know the possibility is really slim.  The little tinge of worry starts to consume me as in, "What the hell were you thinking!" I start imaging not telling my job until the last possible second.  How would an all male executive team that just admitted their first woman into the "circle" react to me getting pg right away.  Hmmmm, guess I wouldn't be invited to Friday beers. So I start nay saying myself and denying the possibility and deciding that I am not ready at all.

Then I am getting close to when my period should start and I go out for Vietnamese food in a strip mall.  I get extremely nauseous and decide that I have to buy a pg test.  So I go to the ghetto supermarket and they are all locked up and I remember the last go around when the lady with the fake eyelashes yelled at me as I was leaving the store, "GOOD LUCK EITHER WAY THAT WORKS OUT FOR YOU." So I leave the store in a hurry and wait another day.  I finally buy a test while picking up LO's meds so I can check out in the pharmacy all while feeling stupid.  I take the test and it is negative.  There is no three minutes of waiting as I remember the positive tests and I move on.  Then a week goes by and still no period.  The little creature of doubt swoops in again.  I have already resigned myself that LO may be my one and only and that I am not ready NOW which may translate to NEVER as I am getting OLD.  So I take another test and it is negative and I breath a tiny sigh of relief twinged with a little regret as holding a tiny baby is never a bad thing.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fighting a 60 Year Old Woman & City Hall

We live in a city inside of the larger city, I think.  We have our own school system, police department and city hall.  I never get called for jury duty in our city but I have to hall my cookies down to the big scary one in downtown.  Anyway when our car was stolen a few years ago, they actually found it and we went down to the police station and thanked them.  They were bewildered that we actually would come down and thank them but we were really impressed with how kind everyone was to us.  They formed a sting operation to get our car back. Booyaaaaa. The criminals had taken it a mile away and had been driving around town for the prior three weeks but still VERY impressive. 

Anyway so I am not saying it is Mayberry around these parts but we have a cute little City Hall and you go to get your parking permits and there is never a line.  So when I needed to file a single piece of paper for a civil matter at the courthouse I parked and walked up to the small courthouse and somehow was absorbed into "the system."  I was waiting outside the door where the form needed to be filed and as the doors opened a crazy old gypsy snakes past me and cuts in line.  I am having none of that business, I told her that she needed to chelax and I was there first.  She ignored me and I kept talking to her and the city official didn't care and helped her.  I was miffed but waited my turn as she ran from the room. 

I got up to the window and the lady told me I had the wrong version of the form and needed to go two windows down and then a guy grumbled and told me to go one window down after waiting in that line. Then a lady who refused to mark her window as "open" told me I could go up to legal aid on the second floor if I had any other questions as they weren't going to help me. What?? So I go up to legal aid and wait my turn behind a lady who had been evicted after filling in all of my income crap to see if I could qualify for legal aid.  Their advice was that I was right but to check with probate.  So I head over to probate and she has decided not to keep office hours so an adjoining office mate tells me she has short hair and might be in courtroom A.  I check with the bailiff and no one has seen her but directs me back to the original office where I had been an hour before. 

So I enter the original office and those m*** f**ers knew that I would end up back there.  They hand me three forms and tell me to get lost as that is all they can do for me and they have already done way too much.  I have asked it before and I will ask again, how do you get that job? Great benefits and a mean sick sense of humor? I wanted to apply to law school that very instant and fight for the people! The system sucks and I can see how frustrating and utterly helpless people must feel.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rascal Flatts

I feel the need to explain the Rascal Flatts story as I am more Tupac while some of you seem to be a little more country which I can dig.  DH and I were celebrating Valentine's Day and we stopped by the fancy hotel made famous by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.  We went to the bar to have a glass of champagne and it was packed but I noticed an empty seat at a table of guys.  Ummmmm, why should a group of guys occupy a table on the most romantic day of the year in a pretty hotel?? So I went over and asked if I could use their table for my drink and sit at their empty seat, hint, hint. I started asking them questions about themselves to see if they were together romantically as I could understand and might vacate my seat.  Probably not, but maybe. 

They started talking about wives/girlfriends and the such in another part of the country and so I felt a teensy bit bad for them.  BUT who travels on V-day?! I felt worse for their wives.  So then I told them IN DETAIL every aspect of our upcoming wedding. I wanted them to feel some romance.  After vomiting out my life story, I asked why they were it town and they said they had a meeting with the radio commission about bringing country music back to LA.  Then they mentioned that they had also attended the Grammys and had stayed on for this particular meeting.  Of course, I had to launch into a long diatribe about my Grammy experience and how awesome it had been.  So then they mentioned that they had performed at the show and I was like, "Wha?"

SO feeling like a complete and utter fool as they had introduced themselves at the beginning of the conversation an hour before, I asked the name of the band.  Ummm, I still didn't know who they were.  So I just kind of went with it and pretended that I had heard of them.  Then the whole conversation kind of petered out and I felt like a dumb ass. We wished them well and good luck with their "band," and went on home.  Trying to keep as honest as possible, it was only two of them and their managerish person and I could not for the life of me tell you which two.  They were extremely kind, charming and nice enough to listen to my endless stories.  Similar to yourselves.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shake It Cali

Everyone hates dislikes blogs that rave about their smart, great, beautiful kids even though it is a huge temptation to DO it all the time.  People like the doom and gloom as it is relatable and makes us feel better as readers.  So I am not going to tell you anything about LO in this blog post but concentrate on all the crazy and cool stuff that has happened to me since moving to So CA.  People love reading about So CA, right??  Would we have that many gossip rags if they didn't?

Pro: I went to the Grammys and saw Madonna, Kanye West and Jamie Foxx perform
LO sleeps until 9 am-genius
Con: I was hit by a grocery truck that destroyed my car

Pro: I spent part of Valentine's Day with Rascal Flatts at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.  DH was there and it was in the lobby bar for all of you dirty thinkers.  I had no idea who they were until we talked to them for 90 minutes and then I was still a bit clueless.
I told LO that we needed to put our shoes on to go outside to play with bubbles and she grabbed my black heels--genius!
Con: House prices are so high that we live in a teeny shack that causes a lot of frustration

Pro: I was on a yacht on Friday that had a bath tub in the master suite and crew quarters. 
LO screamed what sounded like thank you to a waitress-genius
Con: I was the last one on the boat and they had already turned the generator on so I spent half the trip with wet pants

Pro: I attended Benicio del Toro's bday party at the Sky Bar
LO learned to clap to a song in Spanish-genius
Con: The juxtaposition between extreme wealth and poverty living in this city is heart wrenching.

Pro: I have met a ton of celebrities and even more spottings.  I saw Michael Jackson shopping for crystal in Beverly Hills weeks before he died.
Con: People get too caught up in status and money and it makes me want to "slap a bitch"

Pro: DH and I try to hit up cool landmarks and tourist spots every other month, Frank Lloyd Wright designed houses, La Brea Tar Pits, museums. I like that we live somewhere where there is always something to do or see.
Con: Traffic

Pro: The beach is awesome to look at, dine by and drive by.
Con: We never go as I hate sand and it is a lot of effort

Pro: Most people have somewhat open minds about differences in race, religion, sexual orientation, culture, food and traditions.  It is refreshing.
Con: The schools are so bad that "Waiting for Superman" was relatable

Any pros for your area of the country? We are always looking to move out of this crazy place.  Sell me on being your neighbor or discourage me if you don't want to see my face.