Monday, December 5, 2011

Winners from a Whiner

I was totally gungho on the mascara and cards part of my contest and then the other products faded away a bit.  I have been trying them out and some I liked and others not so much.  The issue is that I have tried Oil of Olay and I have read the research on their products.  I SHOULD LOVE them as they are really well reviewed and receive HIGH ratings but my skin thinks that the OoO lady sucks.  I buy the products and then I get dry and itchy and the hating starts. 

Jess and Elsha suggested Clinique's moisturizer and I used to use it and buy at gift time, but it didn't help much when I became OLD a little longer in the tooth.  So a long segway to a winner, I am using the CeraVe with SPF from Erica during the day and my skin has not become overly angry.   Also, the price is the REAL winner at $14-15. 

Erica also suggested the Physician's Formula eye shadow 10 pack which are cool but I have a fear of owning that many eye shadows.  What if I was feeling crazy and wore five all at once or do certain colors have to go with other colors?  BUT I did like their eyebrow pencil as it had one of those brushes on the end so I can smoosh my drawn in brows to look normal and not like a crazy person.  So she is the winner for the EYE portion as well.

Am I missing anything?? Keep me honest, people.