Friday, December 9, 2011


It's FRIDAY and I need a NAP but enough about my first world problems.  Only NINE more days until I am off work for ELEVEN days and so what if I am traveling to the coldest place on Earth, I can drink wine and hold LO and kiss DH at will.  I had some concerns about being at my MIL's house for an extended period of time but I am feeling better about it. ALSO, I surprised ordered THIS for her house for LO.  BWAHAHAHAHHAA.  I would have preferred the rocket ship as you know I'm not big on the princess junk but this was eight dollars cheaper and more obnoxious.
My other thanky parts are to all the peeps that have been commenting as of late as you have been cracking me up lately, "Man Cold" from Elsha and rectal thermometer musings.  I also call the big BS to those of you that are saying you let your kids blow their own nose.  LO can blow her own nose and wipe her face BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  Oh wait, I am supposed to be thanking y'all.  I have also loved all of the holiday posts as it is comforting to think of you JUST TRYING TO MAKE SOME G-DAMNED FAMILY MEMORIES.   This is GO season for so many and I LOVE it.  Keep on truckin' with all the December cookies and merriment.  Lastly, if you are linking to my blog and you are not listed on my blog roll, call me OUT on it in the comment section.