Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ta Das

I have seen a lot of To Dos for 2012 floating around the ol' Internet so I thought I should write some shizz down so that I remember what I wanted to do instead of wandering aimlessly through life, which will probably happen anyways.

2012, you ol' crazy gal

Turn officially old and be happy.  So what if you thought you would retire and travel the world at this age when you were 16.  You also thought that the world kind of ended when you turned 30 and that didn't happen.

Go on a big trip.  The kid can walk and tell you when she is hungry and when she went to the bathroom.  It is time to load her up, put a rolly bag in her hands and get moving.

Buy a house which may conflict with the above but hot damn, it is time to move and rent our place and then never drive down that street again.

Pilates at lunch, after work or on Saturdays. 

Delivery meals to go bye, bye and home cooked meals a go, go.

Clean out the storage unit and throw 90% away.  I'm talking to you DH and your tape collection.  Clean out the house as well.

Make a final decision on pre-school for the love of all that is holy.

There are a few others but I like to keep everyone guessing a bit.  Even myself.

Finally, I leave you with some of my fav pics of 2011 and my fav video.

Have a great holiday and look for my tweets from my MIL's house! Bwahahahaha