Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Before a trip, I don't really think about it and then I reach a tipping point and I become SO FLIPPING EXCITED that I can't sit still for EVEN a second.  I start looking stuff up online to DO and then I can already taste the champagne at the Champagne Bar and having LO makes it SO DAMN FUN.  I am not excited for the freezing COLD weather but I am excited to take a trip with LO and DH.  I have printed out a map with POIs and I am already PLANNING.  The only downside is that I get reaaaallllly antsy upon arrival that we are NOT engaging in FUN every second.  I am going to take advantage of staying with John's family to unload LO on them have LO spend quality time with them and go see a movie at night.  The last movie I saw was Babies with LO, yeah its been awhile.  I am dying to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I already looked up movie times. 

We are going to NYC for a few days after spending time with DH's family in BFE upstate NY.  AND that is where all of the planning is being concentrated.  FAO Sschwartz for LO, Dylan's Candy Factory for ME, Champagne Bar for EVERYONE.  I haven't been to NYC since before I was pg and I can't wait.  I do have some jealousy for everyone going on a beach vacation but the gnome under my shirt is pretty happy not to bare his soul in a bikini.  DH and I were discussing the gnome and he is pretty sure it was a shadow or trick lighting.  That is why I married him.  Are you in a frenzy or a tizzy? Or is all the chocolate at the office making you half hyper and half subdued?