Friday, December 2, 2011

Incident Report

Side note--I love DH and his individuality and distinct personality.  He is especially great at knowing what he wants and HOW EVERYTHING SHOULD BE according to him.  I try to tell him that bamboo is strong but flexible.  DH has taught me to not take everything to heart and that people will like or dislike you and all of that is ok. Thumbs up, DH.

I took LO to school yesterday and the teacher took me aside to discuss a few things with me as DH had taken her to school before the break so I hadn't been in a few weeks.  Does the teacher needing to discuss items with you bring you the terror? Do they see a learning disability or has anyone else noticed her ABSOLUTE inability to share? Although, I will say that she learned, "Mine" from the other kids at school.  See how I pointed the finger at OTHERS on that one. 

I mean if I was the DEVIL's mother than I would be really scared or maybe just accepting at this point but whatever.  She was wondering if I had talked to DH about the incident that happened when he took her to school last time? INCIDENT? He told me that he had questioned their need for donations when we pay to go to school there.  I had thought in my mind, "Eeeeek dude, the one week you take her and they hit you up for money.  I should have told them to let me handle all the "stuff" and not to worry his pretty little head about any of that junk."  He said he refused to take the folder with all of the donation stuff, sigh.  So I said no he didn't mention any incidents as clearly his grumpiness towards childcare costs and donations can't be considered an INCIDENT. 

Then she brought up his concerns about the program as a whole and I started to see our chances of being accepted into the program slipping away as we are on a TRIAL basis.  From my understanding and his apparent amnesia on the subject, there was an incident at the water table with HIM, NOT LO.  He was upset about the baby washing area and the water.  So he took it upon himself to dump out the water.  HOW DOES THAT WORK? Where did he dump the water? Was the table forcefully dumped while 2 year-olds looked on? Were there shivers of fear as a crazy man yielded a table above his head and projectile threw it???  I assured her that I would discuss with him and she felt that it was better that she discuss "the program" with him.  Is that program as in get with THE PROGRAM, give us the checkbook and go on with your bad water table throwing self AT HOME or else?

DH is so loving and supportive of LO and me and works so hard but dude is crazy.