Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Short Stuff


LO says assy when she means sassy.
She went to see Great Grandpa Irv on Sunday night with her auntie and he gets so excited about how intelligent and polite she acts.  She went around and said hi to everyone and told them her name.  This week apparently she is good with her real name.
LO likes it when I spray saline drops up her nose as it freaks DH out.  I don't have to chase her to do it and it is hilarious.
LO has started cleaning up everything including putting the bath toys away before she gets out of the bath and hanging up her towel.  She isn't quite flipping the light on and off 24 times before she leaves a room but I am pretty sure that is coming.   She puts her clothes away and straightens up her crib as well.  Strange and worrisome, yes.  Do I have the energy to worry, no.
Tomorrow is my last day of work until 2012! YESSS!
I changed our hotel for NYC on a whim yesterday and I feel good about it.  They sent me a follow-up email asking if I wanted to possibly upgrade our room and I said HELLS to the BELLS, YES.
LO has started loudly reading books out loud when I am reading to her.  She will grab another book and try and talk over me.

Things that Make Me Sigh

Wednesdays in our house represent the crazy.  Our crazy cleaning lady comes every other Wednesday and without fail that is the day DH wants to either work from home or just be home.  He asks me to reschedule almost every time.  Nine other work days and that is the day he wants to be home.  By the time, Wednesday rolls around, I am scared of our house.  Crazy Maria adds to the noise level and is straight crazy.  Three people in our small house for the day makes me run out of the front door on Wednesdays. 

Wednesdays are also lug the thirty pounds of dry cleaning to the dry cleaner for 50% off day and that is a pain in the ass for some reason.
My grandfather reiterated that I am going to the coldest place on Earth and asked if my MIL had a warm house.  I really hate being cold.
LO and I still have nasty coughs and she is really congested.  I can't decide if I should take her to the doctor before we go.  
DH is a habitual, crazy over packer and we all have to carry his stuff in our bags.  I long to only have my own crap in my suitcase and LO's crap.  I may get the chance to start out with my own stuff but his crap will work its way into my purse and suitcase.  Also, it will take him twice as long to pack for ONLY himself.  This sometimes irritates me a wee bit. Hugs, DH.
I feel like I found the perfect white elephant gift except the party was last weekend and I will have forgotten by next year.
I finally found a cat sitter but she looks CRAZY in her pictures. sigh