Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I love online shopping like it's my job.  The price comparing, the reviews, the sheer joy of ordering and receiving.  Lately, we have been receiving a ton of catalogs and it is feeding my crazy.  LO and I snuggle on the couch and open holiday cards and look through catalogs together. LO enjoys the PICTURE cards the BEST (side eyes Hilly).  So last night, when I received the Williams-Sonoma catalog and THIS was on the on the cover.
I HAD TO HAVE IT! An individual pie maker ON SALE.  But what if I could find it EVEN cheaper?!  I imagined myself throwing parties making PIES.  A pie party! So I brought it up to DH and he seemed a bit skeptical as we have no room, I DON'T LIKE PIE and what about the individual Le Creuset Four Mini Cocottes from last year still in the box.  He had the good graces not to bring up the individual toaster oven tins and cookbook as well.  But then I found a knock-off pie maker for a quarter of the price--could it be???
DH asked me not to buy any pie making machines until we got a bigger house but YOU can and I think YOU SHOULD.  As dreams of my pie parties faded, I decided to console myself with matching western themed flannel pjs for the whole family for New York.   Nothing says you should have let the pie maker slide like MATCHING PJs.  Look for pics of the family bonding in the new year!