Monday, December 19, 2011

Shegetz Struggles

I wanted to let y'all know that I am in a gang.  I went to a gang party this weekend with my crew (LO) and one of the gang members and I were discussing a recent article that she posted on Kveller about celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas in the same house.  She is a shiksa trying to bring out the religion in her husband while exposing her child to the Jewish traditions.  I thought the article was very interesting and well written, even if the ham and latke combo made me quiver. 

Most of the peeps in my gang are trying to meld together two cultures or religions to expose the children to a blend of mommy and daddy.   Being married to a shegetz, I get it.  It would be easier if we were from the same background but that seems to happen less and less these days or I am in the wrong gang.  Her article was in response to this article saying that you can't celebrate both and if you are going to celebrate one then it should be Christmas.  WHAT? In my opinion that is crap and not how I was raised,  we celebrated Hanukkah and went to my mom's side of the family on Christmas Eve for dinner and presents under the tree.  There was no mention of Jesus, just family games, presents and sugar.  Some of my best memories with my family are from those evenings but I wouldn't give up being Jewish for it.

If we had a gun to our heads, we would forsake Christmas as that is the only thing that we acknowledge of the religion.  Ok, one more thing, my Jewish grandma always lets me dye the hard boiled eggs before she made egg salad for her ladies lunch when I was growing up.    Considering the .99 dye kits were only available at a certain time of the year, did we inadvertently acknowledge Jesus' Resurrection rendering us bad Jews and exposing her friends to not only bluish eggs but some sort of penance?

So many families have found beautiful ways to meld together two cultures.  Isn't knowledge and understanding of other people's beliefs the way to less conflict or are all of the "mixed" couples ruining EVERYTHING?