Monday, December 5, 2011

Screaming Toddler on a Plane

LO and I took our mommy and me trip this weekend to visit one of my oldest and bestest mommy and baby friends for some holiday winter fun.  We started off the trip by LO flinging drinkable yogurt all over both of us before we took off but I would NOT let the rank smell spoil our FUN.  We landed and went straight to milkshakes and hot dogs where LO drank a vanilla milkshake like we should have put an IV in her for the "ice" goodness.   We then ventured to Fairytale Town which she LOVES and my hippie heart approves.  There is a Mother Hubbard shoe slide, a Big Cheese to climb in, three little pigs and some other general non sponsored or branded stuff.  There is even a special key that you insert into old decrepit boxes to hear a song or story.  We hung out in a big tee-pee and talked about general kid stuff like being 4 and three quarters. 
Both kids fell asleep on the way home and we decided to just drive to let them sleep.  Moments like those are when I really wish we could get on some Jetson like innovation where cars could drive themselves and we could drink champagne and eat cookies and just chat and snooze or watch reality television.

LO tends to be the younger kid in a lot of situations which has given me a chance to watch different parents explain "babies" to their older kids.  So now that she was the bigger kid, I decided to take the approach that the baby just automatically wins and we need to give the baby what he wants.  She was cool with the concept but felt the need to demonstrate how a lot of his toys worked.
I really enjoy taking mommy and LO trips together, but the strange beds tend to result in the death grip of love.
On the way home, we were both tired and the unthinkable happened, LO lost her paci before the plane took off.  I give her a paci on take-off and landing for her ears and general passenger enjoyment but it flew out of her mouth and was lost in the under seat abyss.  She started screaming and I just went with it.  I made sure she wasn't kicking any seats and I was totally fascinated.  I would have been embarrassed if we were in a restaurant or first class but we were in general admission with no seat assignments and nothing I could do.  I tried talking to her for the first 30 seconds and then I just started laughing on the inside. 

How long could she possibly scream? Everyone with kids experiences a similar situation and flying is so disgusting does it really matter anymore?  She lost steam after five minutes and then started talking to nearby passengers as if she hadn't just wanted to claw out their eyes.  People were more embarrassed for me than anything.  She welcomed being home by waking up SIX times last night, only to discover this am that she has come down with a cold.  Winter FUN being had by all!