Monday, December 5, 2011

Questions for YOU

I can ponder certain questions for hours but this is what I am pondering right now:

1.  When do you stop using the rectal thermometer? What do you use next?

2.  When do you stop sending out monthly pictures of your baby to your friends? Your family? Your parents?

3.  What do you call gas and poop to your kids? Right now LO thinks poo poo is hilarious. She also likes to say gas.

4.  How do you get the nose clean when it is a gooey mess? Nose freida seems a bit strange at the toddler age?

5.  If your child insists her name is something different than her given name, do you go with it or insist REPEATEDLY that isn't her name?

6.  If your husband hides items from you and then they "magically" appear when you return from a weekend away and he insists you are the crazy one, do you hide his wallet or his car keys?

7.  Are you worried about Teflon? If yes, what pans have you bought to replace Teflon and do you like them?