Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Perfect Day

Cue the opening music from Legally Blonde--the first ONE.

I have a birthday next month that I am dreading because it is a BIG one and if I don't plan something we can be promised that it will be spent similar to my 29th birthday where I cried through birthday cocktails, dinner and dessert in a nice restaurant.  DH who was DB then seemed a bit embarrassed but said he understood.  I think he is all for not repeating that same scene.  So for the past few months, I have been trying to decide what I wanted to DO.

Idea #1
Have a big blow-out party where we all drink and dance and HAVE FUN.  Except that everyone I know has kids and gets tired at 10 pm AND no place strikes my fancy.  Also, there was that unfortunate incident at DH's 40th bday that shall remain not talked about.  I mean he will be 45 soon and I can just throw him the BIG party.

Idea #2
Go on a trip with my oldest bestie who is also turning the same age.  Except that finding a nice place that can accommodate 2 moms and babies is proving to be difficult.  Houses require a week or more to rent in the winter months.  Maybe wait until later in the year and then it is really not a b-day activity.

So I think the below is my perfect day, although it might be a bit tough to achieve:

Wake up at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara where a breakfast burrito from Cantina in Isla Vista is waiting for me and some champagne.

Go to the spa for a massage and shower and then onto ATVs in Santorini Greece for a cruise around the island.
After seeing some sights.....
 Find a place on the water to have lunch
Then back to suite overlooking the caldera to hang with friends
And watch the sunset
After the dip, I would go to the hot chocolate bar at the Ritz in Half Moon Bay, CA
Before a walk along the ocean and then lemon crab pasta at Pasta Moon
After dinner, I would like to drink Grande Dame champagne while eating Pierre Marcolini milk chocolate and almond bars AND Vic's mint chip ice cream, while sitting on a blanket on the grass gazing at the Eiffel Tower talking to DH about our future dreams.

Finally a night cap with friends at Sunnyside in Lake Tahoe and quick karaoke session before lights out in my own bed.

If that happens, I don't think a single tear will drop.  Just saying.