Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is It Summer Yet?

I could tell you about the sucky parts of my weekend and how returning to work on Monday didn't seem like the worst idea and then the nanny called in sick OR I could tell you about a fun new family tradition and some pictures. 

Family Fun
LO and I hit the Walgreens toy aisle as I lacked the fortitude to get my rear to Target and we were pleasantly surprised by the selection.  We were able to pick up a number of toys for Spark of Love.  I baked cookies and we went as a family to our local Fire Station to give cookies to the firefighters, drop off the toys and get a tour of the station.  I had wanted to bake cookies to drop off on 9/11 but couldn't get it together.  LO and DH were both impressed with the fire trucks and they invited us back when she is a bit older. 

I read MODG and she started a forum for people in need and people with stuff to give and while I considered putting my pie maker under the "In Need" section, I decided to check myself and volunteered LO's clothes and some diapers to one of the moms.   Usually, we adopt a family and I am all over people to donate stuff and we have done home challenged bags for our local neighbors, but I wasn't feeling it this year.  We donated toys to the Toys for Tots and the CHP version in addition to Spark of Love as well but I still wanted to help someone directly.  Her site is very grassroots and not "screened" but sending LO's clothes and some diapers to a single mom of two feels okay and not like someone is going to steal my identity.  Check it out!