Friday, December 16, 2011

Working for the Man

I got a text over the weekend asking if I was happy in my current position and would I be interested in applying for another position close to my home.  I asked for flex hours and significantly more money and they said it was possible to do one or the other.  I passed the job to one of my friends also looking for the same type of position and decided not to apply.   I committed to my current job and I like to work a certain amount of time and then reevaluate.  I took a quick peek at my friend's resume and holy cow, it was like looking at the dream career path minted in gold and jewels.  Good or bad, I do not have the golden resume and grad school that would make me CMO of a Fortune 100 company.  I have never wanted to be CEO but I wouldn't turn down CMO.  

I tell myself A LOT that one parent's career has to take a backseat and it should be mine and I want the time with LO but a small part of me feels the pull.  I'm not the sharpest cookie cutter and my credentials aren't the shiniest but I make up for it in ambition and street savvy, (I mean Wall Streetesque savvy, not fistie cuffs).  DH suggested getting rid of my war torn roller bag that has accompanied me on every biz trip and around Europe and I declared that we must fix it ALL costs.  So what if it is more likely to see diapers and loveys than business attire and heels.  Career g-ds, please don't pass me by as a small part of me will always feel/need the adrenaline from a big work win.  How will I have my second career if I don't complete my first career to my satisfaction? I would rather be labeled a great mother than a great businesswoman but I don't believe one can be forsaken for the other in this story.   Are you letting your career slide and how far will you let it go?