Monday, November 14, 2011

Would You Rather?

Edited to include a description of Giggles & Hugs

This was a popular game when I was in my 20s that also involved some sort of drinking game thrown in the mix.  There were always disgusting choices and you were forced to choose between extreme pain such as an eyelid caught on a nail hanging from a building or all over body fur for eternity.  I think we should play it as a way to describe my weekend.

Would you rather tell your company that you let your 19 month old bang away on your computer in the office resulting in possibly losing the ENTIRE business drive OR go to Giggles & Hugs?

Would you rather go for a massage for ONE hour that results in multiple cell phone calls during the massage that your 19 month old has hit her head on a rusty old metal Coke box or go to Giggles & Hugs?

Would you rather eat at Souplantation where your 19 month old refuses to eat every single item beyond the frozen yogurt and the place is packed with screaming and mediocre food or go to Giggles & Hugs?

Would you rather go to a super fun 40th bday party and be hung over with a cranky 19 month old or go to Giggles & Hugs?

Would you rather go to an event at Giggles & Hugs with a BAND and people on microphones in addition to the screaming or go to Giggles & Hugs?

What is your would you rather for the weekend??

Giggles & Hugs is an overpriced Chuck E Cheese with over privileged parents and bratty, pushy kids all SCREAMING non-stop with LOUDNESS ALL THE TIME.  It is the Westside torture chamber that always seems like a good treat for the little ones but always KILLS me.