Sunday, November 13, 2011

Winner, Winner

Tiny Prints Giveaway
We have a winner up in here! All of the submissions for holiday cards were awesome but I decided that I liked the "Christmas Collage" from Mama Bub the best.  I'm not saying that she is going to go with the ornament style but I think it is pretty cute.   Please contact me through Twitter for instructions on how to get your 50 free cards.

Makeup Giveaway
I am going to buy or order the make-up tomorrow and start trying out the different products.  I have decided to try a product a week and announce a winner in each category on Fridays.   The first week will be mascara as there were so many recommendations.  I plan to try one on each eye for the next few days.  If your suggestions give me some sort of strange reaction, you are going to send me something, right?!