Friday, November 18, 2011

Sleep, Gifts & Meds

LO is back to sleeping through the night again.  Praise whoever, it is wonderful.  I waited to long to increase her medication is basically what happened.  I knew that her reflux was bothering her but I kept telling myself that she HAD to be getting better because SO MANY DOCTORS said it would be better at one year.  Then it was 18 months and finally I need to face reality that it is NOT getting better.  She was starting to look really thin and not eating or sleeping well and it was time to increase.  The pediatrician will barely discuss it with me anymore as the GI doctor and I made the decision that NO tests are being done until she is two.   She ventured a bit into the subject this week when we went to see her for some eczema around LO's mouth and was a bit upset that I waited so long to increase her meds but decided that her weight was acceptable.  I feel like the eczema is a result of the medication getting around her mouth when we give it to her as it is hard to administer medication three times a day in two different forms to an active child without it spilling a bit.  Anyway, sleep you are awesome.

All of this sleep and I realize that I need to face reality and realize that the holidays are HERE. John and I had a discussion about not purchasing gifts for anyone besides our mothers.  I was the one who initiated the conversation on reigning in the gifts and he quickly put the kibosh on all gifts.  I feel so weird and strange and oddly unsettled.   I purchased a few books for LO to open and Grandma has been sending tons of gifts so I don't feel any guilt.  I am feeling a little weird about showing up at my in-laws house with one gift.  Will we be able to pull it off?  I am not going home this holiday season so it may be easier than one would think.  Do you think that you could go through the holidays without buying gifts? I usually buy gifts for 30-35 people so it is a big leap for me to cut gifts down to two people.