Monday, November 7, 2011

Short Stuff

A lot has been going on but nothing that makes for good reads, so a few short stories...
  • I have met a child that I think is the devil.  Like really the devil.  Is that weird? Also not a short story but more of a statement.

  • LO is in a wedding in three weeks and she has no shoes which is freaking me out for no particular reason.  It is hard to find girlfriend some shoes that fit (small feet) and that she will wear (freaky weird aversion to shoes that don't sparkle or offer some exciting design).

  • I am not dieting but rather eating a lot of sweets which is making my bottom line look a bit largish.

  • DH and I found a house that made us spin around and sing, "The hills are alive with the sound of music," but it is a bit pricey and has no sidewalks.  No sidewalks is freaking me out a bit and then I start freaking out that we would have to live in the house FOREVER.  FOREVER, I have never lived anywhere FOREVER.   But it has a big play structure in the back and LO ran up to the window and yelled, "WEEEEEEE," which is her name for the park.  Right now, she could run up to our window and yell "homeless person, alcohol, dry cleaning or chain smoker." I was thinking that LO could maybe get a job and we sell the cats and voila we would be mere bajillions pennies away from buying the house. Sigh, liquor stores and car washes for life.

  • Back to the house, I mean it is a bit out there as in seven minutes into a CANYON with loads of trees and beauty but far away from Whole Foods and homeless people.  We would have to like COOK and be with each OTHER a lot and eat RAMEN noodles.  But we could have people over but NOT a lot cause no sidewalks = no parking.  But a back yard and a garden for vegetables and a WEEEEEEEEEE and great schools for all grades. Yeah, LO would need to look after herself during the day due to the high cost of the house and there would be no radiation treatments for cats and I'm not sure that Maria would be able to find the place but it has dark wood floors and THREE bedrooms for a BONUS baby.  sigh.

  • We went to G-pa Irv's house last night and he turned on the TV to a frightening cartoon where there was screaming, fighting and ghoul being thrown and he wanted LO to "watch" the TV.   Hmmmmmm, it was wrong on so many levels.  My little wanna be hippe brain was on overdrive trying to minimize the exposure and get the TV turned off in general.  When I am 91, I will for sure be turning on hugely inappropriate programs for great grandkids because no ONE is going to contradict you. 

  • DH and I decided that Friday night dinner is over as going out with a toddler is no longer that enjoyable at an adult restaurant.  I want to enjoy my wine in peace and not worry that a two and a half foot monster  adorable child is licking the window or throwing food.  Word on the street is that soup plantation is pretty much the child friendly scream fest and kids eat free so we will be giving in and hitting the buffet line with the soft serve machine. 

  • Every weekend until next year is packed solid and I am getting the freaky holiday nerves.  I think this also correlates to "short story" #3.  Part of my holiday cards being printed did help to alleviate a little pressure.  I have decided to use credit card points to pay for my reduced list of gifts and challenge myself to not spend ANY money.   I bought LO some books from her school that I will give her for Hanukkah and that is it my friends.  Short stories OVER.
Pro-house and ramen noodles and selling a kidney or Liquor store and car washes for LIFE.  Where do you fall??