Friday, November 11, 2011

Normal or NOT Normal

Have you read those tabloid magazines that show stars doing everyday tasks and then scribbled in red across the photo is "Not Normal" like when a celebrity is taking out the trash in high heels or "Normal" when they have no make-up on.   I am going to explain a situation that happened this morning and then I am going to rely on you to tell me if this happens to you?!  I am not trying to imply that I am a celebrity but I sometimes QUESTION whether certain things that happen are NORMAL.

DH- "I would like to discuss health insurance benefits with you and today is the last day"

Me- "Sounds great, I will IM you when I am free this am at work so we can talk on the phone."  Reference this post to see why we can't discuss at home

DH- "Ok, I am very busy and important"

Me at work 9:30 am- Send IM saying I am ready

DH- SENDS a Goto Mtg request with a login and phone number

Me to myself- Alright, he wants me to look at a PPT, ok.  I log on and then nothing, no phone call just waiting to view his screen.  Hmmmm, so I call him and he ASKS me to call BACK on the conference line that he has established for the PPT.  EVEN though we are currently on the line TOGETHER.

A 30 minute discussion on the conference line follows where he asks me repeatedly if he can take out EXTRA life insurance on me.  

Normal or NOT Normal?  Does your husband show you 30 minute PPT where you are really not permitted to speak and make you call a conference line???  Oh DH, so glad that I don't work for you.