Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mascara Day #2

This morning I took K and April's advice and tried out the CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara in VeryBlack(the orange waterproof one).  I'm not quite sure of the "VERY" black as plain black is not black enough, you have to be VERY black.  I thought the mascara went on very easily but pretty light for a hint of mascara where I am more of a glob it on.  This could be attributed to the new tube and maybe it gets more globy and thicker as you wear it.  I countered the lightness by putting a ton on.  Overall, not bad and I like how it feels.  I am a bit worried about taking it off due to the mascara being waterproof.
I have also started using the CeraVe facial lotion as recommended by Erica for the AM which includes sunscreen.  I am not a fan of sunscreen in my face lotion due to acne and sensitivity but this went on smoothly with no irritation.  I have decided to try out each of the lotions for a few days so I started this week with the CeraVe to judge break-outs and irritation.  I did need to put on more of the lotion on to attain the same amount of my moisture as compared with my cream but with a price of $13, I was feeling extravagant.