Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Like Oprah Up in Here--GIVEAWAY

So I am thinking that the hills are alive with the sound of music dream house is a bit out of our price range and we should not have gone to the open house.  We are more electrical transformers in the backyard and random non permitted extra room type of budget.  So in an effort to maybe one day afford just the transformer or just the extra strange room and not both, we need to tighten our belts and get some serious effort going on the cutting costs.  So I am doing a GIVEAWAY like OPRAH'S favorite things but you do all the work.  It takes a lot of work to make me halfway presentable gorgeous in the am and some mega bucks. 

So in an effort to cut costs, I am going to tell you a product that I currently use and the cost and you suggest a less expensive item that works just as WELL.  I will buy the product and if I like it, I will send you one too.  All of you lurky turkeys that never comment, should be jumping in about now. I am actually embarrassed to reveal some of these items.  Here it goes:

Mascara--Dior Show $25--Do not suggest this one as I have tried it and it runs down my face and I look like a bad tranny.  I am fine looking like a pretty tranny but not a bad one.

Face lotion--Fancy from the dermatologist $72--I have rosacea and extremely sensitive skin but that Cetaphil moisturizer doesn't cut it.  I am old and need some moisture.

Eye cream--$85--I have tried a lot of them, so this will be a tough one.

Foundation--Dior 'Diorskin Nude' Creme Gel Compact $48--I love this gel compact.  It is foundation that is creamy in a compact.

Eyeshadow--Dior 3 color smokey eye shadow $48--Three colors that blend perfectly together and make my eyes look smokey.  It has three colors that all work together.

Eyebrow Fillerinner--Diorshow Brow Styler $28--It has a brush on one end that smudges it all together.  Find me the CVS version.

BONUS ROUND--You know how I tortured gave you a peek into my holiday cards?  Now you can win 50 cards for yourself! Take a lookie and spin around Tiny Prints and then tell me which card you would use for the holidays in my comment section if you win.  Oh yeah, I am the JUDGY McJudgster and I will pick a winner based solely on my discretion on YOUR style.  MWahahahahaha! 

You can also win a free card from Santa to your kids if you visit their FB page on Wednesday, November 9.  I had NO idea that Santa wrote cards as I thought he was supposed to receive the cards.  All of this is just like OPRAH in an electrical transformer in the backyard type of way.

All comments must be posted by Midnight PST on Saturday, November 12, 2011.  Ok, comment already.