Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Plans

I have seen A LOT of EXCITING planning going on that involves a lot of WORK on a ton of blogs.  I applaud everyone's creativity and resourcefulness.  I'm going to break it on down for you. 

Holiday Cards
The first round of "general" cards were sent today.  I am missing some addresses and my Hanukkah cards are square and require more postage so the second set will be out by Friday.

LO Hanukkah Gifts
I bought her a book for each night and we will light the candles on her Menorah and ours each night that we are home.   I will also throw in some latkes and a meat surprise one of the nights.

Holiday Activities
This weekend we are doing a fun holiday mommy and me mini trip with another mom and her baby for some spirited winter fun.  I will drink spirits and she will have fun?

Next weekend, my mom visits and LO gets to open up all of her gifts from grandma.

The following weekend, we are doing a gift exchange with our mommy and me group and a baby holiday party.  Also, a few adult holiday parties scattered about.

Also, there is a lot of tree smelling going on.  Sometimes leaving in the hood has its advantages with all the empty lots turning into big sniffing tree lots.