Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween = Big Win

I was pretty sure that the best part of Halloween was picking out a costume and taking pictures before your child decided they wanted to be something annoying.  Then we discovered trick or treating and it took the fun to a whole new level.  DH was OUT of TOWN for one of the best nights evah.  I am going to recap it here for him and the grandparents.  You may want to SKIM.  We arrived at Anna's house to go trick or treating early.  There was a last minute decision to ditch the chicken due to some anger at the chicken costume during a baby Halloween party over the weekend.  I doubt there is even one picture of the angry chicken that doesn't involve crying. 
Loading up the wagon.

Cruising with Anna the Dragon--Rawwr
Getting my bag ready for the first house.
Yap, Yap, Yap, I'm bored with your talking.
Oh hey, a pumpkin for me!
 Yeah, you are holding out on us as I see another pumpkin right there--hand it over!
 Oh hey, raisins too!!
 Two packs of raisins--Halloween is the greatest!
 RAISINS--So cool!
 Ambiance shot
 Same, same with Anna. No need for baby smackdowns.
 Anna, I think I can cover more territory if we split up.
Come ON mommy. I had to put down the camera as there was a lot of running up to people's houses and running inside if they had a dog.  I was surprised as she was so excited to pick out something from a bowl.  She had two bites of a chocolate bar and wasn't that impressed.  She wanted to stare at the candy or hold it. 
 Best day evah!

She walked most of the neighborhood until she fell over exhausted.   She slept until 9:45 this morning and woke up elated.