Tuesday, November 15, 2011

From the Desk of....

The construction
The tears
The disagreement over form
The finished product
The list of directions that I received from the dictator desk.

  • When I say uh-oh because I have thrown something on purpose, it is still UH-OH lady.
  • If I want to turn the light switch on 76 times, be prepared to hold me there for 77 times.
  • That black and white cat has to GO.
  • You LOVE blue crayon that is why it is appearing all over your house.
  • I hit my head and we NEED to discuss it in detail and pause at the location of the incident every time we walk by to acknowledge that I hit my head.
  • I'm not wearing a coat or trying on boots for New York, I don't care what you promise. 
  • I will run my shopping cart into your wall repeatedly because I like sound of metal crashing, deal with it