Monday, November 28, 2011

Bookie Wins

I have read quite a few books lately that have not sucked.  I got most of the recommendations through your blogs but thought I would repost a few before I forget completely.  I should mention that my standards for books has been reduced considerably due to lack of time and memory.  Nonetheless:

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet
I am not big on war stories especially romance during wars.  I'm glad that I had a weak moment as I really enjoyed this book.  I found the relationships and prejudices from different generations very interesting and I feel like I didn't know enough about the internment of the Japanese during the war.  There is no steamy romance just a nice friendship between two tweens during a difficult time in the world.

Ape House
Sara Gruen wrote Water for Elephants, this is not that book.  I love Water for Elephants and if you are expecting that book then you will hurl this book through the window.  If you can accept this is a different book, then you will read an interesting story. 

The Litigator
I like John Grisham, there I said it.  Are we still friends? Don't tell me that you didn't read Danielle Steele in the 80's.  Get over it, he is an entertaining writer.

The Forgotten Garden
I loved the Secret Garden growing up and the countryside in England continues to be one of my favorite spots to visit.  I am reading this book and I love it.  It is a bit longish and it jumps between three different times in history but I am really enjoying the tale.  I just ordered the other two books that she wrote to read next. 

I also ordered Molokai to read because nothing says holiday fun like leprosy.  What are you reading?? Anything new in my other fav subject, polygamy??