Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Baby 1,562,547, Me 0

LO and I had what can only be described as a battle of "your face" last night.  I came home last night and brought in a box which is extremely exciting for LO who yelled "box," and wanted to carry it.  We get deliveries almost daily as I buy everything on the Internet because the Internet is AWESOME.  I opened the box and realized my mistake as it was a holiday gift for her from grandma.  She pulled out the racetrack and started squealing with excitement, so I promised her a car from the track and put the rest away.  The nanny took her upstairs to change a diaper and she seemed upset but alright.  She wanted a paci to calm herself down and then the nanny left. 
She came into my bedroom got on the bed and started kicking the bed while grumbling a bit.  I asked her to put the paci away as we weren't sleeping.  She ignored me until I took the paci away and then all hell broke loose.  She threw a fit that I was sure was going to result in vomiting.  Nothing could distract her insane violent crying which is pretty unusual.  Finally, I told her that she could have the paci but she was going to bed immediately and in her clothes.  She looked at me and marched to her bed and got in an HOUR before bedtime with no bubble bath, no choosing pjs, no nudie run and no stories or singing.  I put her in the crib and turned off the light and she said under her breath, "YOUR FACE."  I felt horrible and broke down a few minutes later and went and put her pjs on and held her.  She said "Sucker," and let me hold her. 

A friend of mine invited us to a sample sale downtown on Saturday that I really want to go to but her daughter sits in a stroller for an hour! What to do with LO who doesn't sit in strollers, some sort of strap to my leg??

Mascara News
All of that extra time to myself was helpful last night because I could NOT get the waterproof mascara off.  I have often wondered about people who wear mascara and false eyelashes for multiple days, two words: WATERPROOF MASCARA.  Holy he-double hockey sticks that shite doesn't run because it is like cement.  Upon closer inspection of the other mascaras, I realized that I had ACCIDENTALLY bought waterproof in ALL of them.  I had to make some exchanges at lunch so I just applied the Maybeline Colossal Volume mascara (the yellow one) as recommended by Erica and Shannon.

I did like the extra goopiness as it made the mascara feel a bit thicker and I can definitely feel the mascara on my eyelashes which is probably a personal preference.  I would love this mascara if it didn't have a funny smell.  I noticed the smell when I was applying the mascara and I could still smell the weirdness 15 minutes later.  I am either used to the smell or it has faded but it seems a bit peculiar.  It is a mix of a restroom at a public pool (chlorine) and chemical?! I did buy one of the last tubes so maybe it has gone bad?
Also another picture of me trying to look like a mascara model. Voila!