Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Abu Dhabi Bound

Last night, I was feeling a little stir crazy and wanted to go do something in the hour after work, before LO's bedtime.  DH has been working non-stop and sometimes a girl just wants to go eat some yummy food.  I took LO to a restaurant that was a bit fancier than I remembered with white tablecloths and VERY quiet.  The thought of strapping her back in the car, made me decide to just go for it alone.  The last time, LO and I ate alone, she vomited all over the table as soon as we sat down.  This time was a lot worse as she was just loud and jumping and wanted to bang on the wall and throw stuff.  I rushed through my meal WITHOUT wine and paid really quickly and then a piano player started playing and she sat still and listened to him without moving for 15 minutes.  I already had heartburn from eating so quickly but she had a good time.

I would not have taken her out if I had known that she would be up the EVERY 45 minutes the entire night SCREAMING.  I feel like death today and almost ripped DH's face off for just being in my general bad mood vicinity.  We finally gave up at 6am and let the monster run wild all while screaming, "Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi." I heard DH mutter that he was going to buy her a one way ticket.  Why is this kid up screaming?? Help me!