Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This Here is Sugar, Y'all

DH has a lot of faults, sigh.  It must be hard for him to live with two perfect beings who are so awesome.  I mean at least the cats should make him feel better with their whole world o' crazy and vomit.  I don't like to discuss his shortcomings on my blog as he does read and it would probably make him feel bad.  There is one small issue that we should discuss for his own good.  I think that we can make him a better person if we ponder and pull together FOR HIM.   If he is talking to someone with an accent, he will imitate it back to them WITHOUT realizing it.  He will start having issues with the English language and STUMBLE over the same words in an attempt to be on their level.  He has absolutely NO idea that he does it. 

DH claims that his mother does it and it MAKES him embarrassed to go to Chinese food with HER.  How do you think I feel eating sushi with HIM while he talks to the sushi chef in his fake Japanese accent and repeated head nodding.  Trust me, no one is safe from his "accents." When we used to travel abroad BEFORE LO was born, I prayed for people to not speak English to us with the fear that DH would try to pull out his Spanglish.  We were not even safe in England as "Cheerio" and "Mate" would get worked into the convo.  I am not even sure anyone under 70 uses "Cheerio" in England.  

So imagine my surprise when I started saying "Y'all" when we were in Texas and EVEN after returning to LA where one could get shot for using that sort of lingo.  "I'm not going to hold the elevator for y'all," and "I'm going to cut y'all off in traffic." 

I feel like I have become susceptible to his kind of crazy.  Also, while in TEXas and after watching The Help, I decided that LO should only be referred to as Sugar but dropping the "R" to keep it Southern.  Somehow, Sugar and Y'all just doesn't translate this far west.  DH and I are going to have to stick with Dude, Homeslice and What Up.  In my mind, she is still Sugar and the rest of you are still y'all.