Sunday, October 16, 2011

Schweaty Fall

Fall is definitely in full swing even if it is hotter than August and I am sweating like I'm nine months pregnant in July.   Friday night we celebrated Sukkot at the Jew baby school that we took a pass on.  They had a camel and a pretty awesome petting zoo.   I feel really good about my decision and we will continue to go to their school gatherings to get a flava for the school.  This is the toddler witch that I referenced in my post.  She is the queen of preschool and school and a celebrated author for parenting.  Sometimes too many resources is not a good idea.

Grandpa came for a quick visit this weekend and he may have been more excited to see The Edge at lunch than to see us.  I'm just saying.
I snapped a quick shot of DH and Grandpa chilling out.
Sunday, we headed to the infamous Mr. Bones for some horses and general pumpkin patch fun. This model was there when we were leaving.  It was about a million degrees so I spared LO the costume but did get some shots before we left.  I am hoping to find some orange leggings as LO seemed to freak herself out with the chicken pants because of the attached feet.  It made her question her walking abilities.  We are attending a Halloween party in two weeks and I am really feeling the chicken.  There will be a photographer at the party so we don't have to bring a camera--SCORE!

LO dug the petting zoo but was a little iffy on the horses and their jerky movements.  DH has been gracious enough not to use that as another reason not to have the pony party.