Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mini Horses, Chickens & BBQ

I have started posts and I have stopped them.  I have read articles on being a better blogger and obvs disregarded them as they all have the same fundamental point.  You need to POST and I have been lazy.

Let's call this a collection of short stories. BTW--I HATE books of short stories. Whatever publisher came up with the crap idea needs to give me  call. 

We celebrated the holidays last week and they were awesome, good food and good company.  We had some traditional food and then we went to Korean BBQ where LO chowed down on some kimchi.  She refused to eat the chicken but the kimchi was acceptable.  We came home and discovered the water heater was broken, so no hot water to rinse off the Korean BBQ smell.  This is ONE of my biggest fears in life, smelling like food and no way to get rid of the smell.
My mom visited on Saturday and we had fun shopping, eating and general merriment.  WITH NO HOT WATER.
Sunday, we rested a bit after all of the action over the past several days and I went to pick up a kitchen.
I had been trolling Craig's List for awhile as I really yearned for this kitchen.
Does this kitchen not say that I am a happy child that will grow to be a well adjusted awesome adult with excellent taste? Craig's List didn't help much on pricing so I had given up.  I read K's blog about her recent score on a kitchen so I took one more shot.  I found this kitchen which is great and LO loves it. I can't decide what this kitchen says but I am hoping that it doesn't point her towards a life of crack cooking.  You cook crack, right? I have been very impressed with her cooking and mock drinking out of the ice machine.
The boat in case you thought I was kidding, side by side comparison.  Should a "car" stick out that much?

I was inspired by the diaper banks that Emily has been discussing on her blog and that she has agreed to run a marathon in an adult diaper to raise money.  Go on with yourself.  I decided to research a local diaper bank in my area and kept coming up with Baby2Baby which was started by Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba or they are the spokespeople, whatever.  Let me tell you why I don't support charities that have celebrities splashed all over them or that they invented.  The same reason I don't buy shoes with their names on them, that is NOT a ringing endorsement.  I want to know that my money/goods are getting to the right people.  In the words of Suri Cruise's Burn Book, when rich people give away their baby gifts, it is a nice way of saying this junk is ugly and I can buy my own onesies.

In the absence of an alternative, I decided to give their charity a chance.  I went to one of their drop off locations at a high end children's boutique where the receiving person was rude and acted like I was dumping off my garbage.  I had boxes of unopened diapers and barely worn clothes.  She didn't speak to me or acknowledge my presence after she finally agreed to take my stuff.  It was noon during the workweek and I was in a suit with the boat, she had not a single person in the store.  I would have browsed the store and bought while complimenting her store on their contributions and recommending them. Ick! I should mention in all fairness that the Salvation Army drop-off lady is not much better. I don't expect a thank you but treating me like garbage was not in the plan.  If you are in the LA area, can you please recommend a women/children shelter as I know there is one in Venice but I can't find information on donations and need, especially with the holidays approaching.

I would mention my lack of hot water but somehow doesn't seem appropriate when discussing people in serious need.
Grandpa Irv has decided that LO should be a fireman for Halloween.  DH and I bought her a chicken costume, just in case a back-up is needed.
I have decided on a theme and party attraction for LO's second birthday.  I ALMOST booked the mini ponies without asking DH as I ASSUMED everyone loves MINI PONIES.  That doesn't seem to be the case resulting in some side eyes and under breath muttering in the house.  They come in COSTUME.  Do I need to spell it out for him??? MINI PONIES in COSTUMES!! DH mentioned that we could go ride a pony on Sundays at the outdoor market.  I "mentioned" that they are not MINI HORSES in COSTUME!
THE END--I felt like the shortish stories needed an ending.