Thursday, October 13, 2011

Let ME Do YOU a Favor

I have one of those jobs that I whimsically refer to as a CONCIERGE even though I am supposed to be a prestigious Marketing Director, I usually keep my job by acting as a concierge.  It is my people pleasing personality and flirty charming mannerisms to authority figures.  So we did a last minute sponsorship for an Oktoberfest party last night involving me serving beer from 5-8 on the roof of a building downtown.  I am happy to do it for the greater branding spirit of the company even if I end up smelling like beer and sweating to death.  

When I mentioned to DH that he would have to meet the nanny at 6:30 there was a grumble and a general, "Let me HELP you out by taking time out of my VVIP life."  My first thought was, I didn't know that birthing a baby meant I automatically OWNED that baby.  I thought being involved in the creation of life ya know with two people meant what it implies, A PARTNERSHIP.  I love rushing home to get to LO and spending all of my time with her but sometimes a girl has to serve beer for her VIP job.  So I brushed it off and THEN I had DH's car today as he was supposed to take LO to school in my car and it had NO gas and a box of clothes that he was supposed to return to Gap two months ago.  I returned the clothes to Gap after some haggling over them being over the time limit and accepting less than what we paid for the clothes--argggh.  I mentioned to DH that the were unwilling to refund the money and he said, "Oh you took care of them, right." Yes, I am a ball buster when it comes to money but wth?

Lastly, DH keeps me leaving me notes to call the plumber for a leak under our kitchen sink.  Why can't he call the warranty company for a plumber BECAUSE he wants me to insist that they send a new plumber.  Why won't he pick up my necklace at the jeweler?  Because he knows that the guy will give it back to me with free repairs.  What have we learned from this rant, I am a DAMN concierge at home too.  Should I tap dance while I make the organic blueberry muffins?

P.S. I absolutely adore DH but he is trying to kill me little by little each day.