Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Every single time a branded toy comes into my house, I immediately see princess wings, plastic high heels and pretend fainting spells.  I am slowly becoming neurotic and slowly seeming crazy to all of my friends.  I do not have one friend that doesn't let their kids watch TV and I am slowly pulling into the weird station on this train.  I am contemplating the Waldorf preschool in our area but feel like that might be the last stop to crazytown.  I read this blog post on Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood and I am trying for moderation and to feel comfortable with moderation like accepting a Sesame Street toy that my dad brought that screams out Elmo and Abby Cadabby's name over and over again.  Scratch that, that hunk of plastic is getting ditched tonight. 

I try and tell myself that princess toys are not gateways drugs to this but I can't help myself.
I see her absorbing every single thing these days.  I walk in the door and she takes my purse so she can look for the chapstick and put it on and walk around with my purse.   She helps me pick out her outfits and she wears my jewelry.  I am fine with her being girly but how do I prevent the peer pressure that is sure to come? How do I prevent stupid? 

The only issue is that I was STUPID and may still be a little stupid.  I took this picture yesterday in the dressing room at Zara for a possible Blathering dress.  When I was younger and tanner, I rocked every skimpy clothing item and loved to party it up. Oh wait, I still like to whoop it up. Where does rocking the skimpy clothing instinct come from? It wasn't promoted at home as I grew up with very little TV, NO CABLE, no skimpy clothes and no exposure to alcohol.  I am trying to raise a commercial free child so I can postpone the early sexualization of my daughter and promote creativity and imagination without her screaming that she is Cinderella.  Am I missing the boat and focusing on the wrong things? Am I setting the wrong example and not even realizing it?