Friday, October 14, 2011

Free Eyebrows

An IT guy had remote accessed my computer and was running "scripts" for a bug from all the porn that I look at while working and I ran out to get a burrito and then THIS HAPPENED.
Two ladies waxed my eyebrows for FREE and then painted some eyebrows on my face for an Anne Frank/Groucho Marx look.  Somehow emphasizing the space between my two front teeth.   Between my office and Wahoo's Taco is a spa that I wandered into to maybe get my lip waxed for the first time in three years and was offered a free eyebrow wax.  There was a lot of crazy talking that sounded like borscht, zeee, FREE, borscht, zee, da, EYEBROWS, da borscht.  Then a loooong consultation about my wimpy looking eyebrows and suddenly I am Kyle Richards from RHOBH.

These eyebrows do NOT say pony rides and petting zoo but I am terrified to touch them to end up in an eyebrow situation at work. ALSO, what if there are no eyebrows underneath there anymore.  What if suddenly I am going to have to draw on my eyebrows every day in purple? Do you automatically have to get multiple piercings and wear acid washed jeans with extra hairspray? Let's pray that I take these bad boys off and there is some semblance of an eyebrow left.