Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Fail

LO and I hung with our Mommy & Me peeps this weekend for some good ol' fashioned, let's go to someone's house and tear it apart fun.  The kids are getting bigger and louder and slightly more, "I prefer to throw this toy or carry it to another part of the house."  I love it because it is a baby proofed house and I can stay in one room while LO attempts to start a fire on the stove or go through people's purses as there are a ton of moms around that she knows. 

We also headed out to a pumpkin patch for some train and petting zoo fun.  This is an LA thing and still seems foreign to me after all these years.  The pumpkin patch is in the CVS parking lot, not authentic at all! I have tried the hour long drive to a real farm but it is always blazing hot and everyone seems more irritated with the intense heat than the fun trip I envision.  Last year we went to Mr. Bones with their valet parking and I think we are going again this coming weekend in costume.  LO loved the petting zoo and I even shot a video, please ignore the annoying lady talk-screaming in the background.  We get it lady, it's a bunny.

Just in case, you don't care watch the video, a picture that sums it all up.  The toes on the right are me.

We also celebrated Grandpa's birthday on Sunday where LO acted like a hellion in the restaurant.  I am usually pretty impressed with her restaurant skills but I am starting to wonder if we should skip the restaurants as her running from table to table to talk to people is a bit intrusive.

Mini Pony Party Update
I am  rethinking the pony party for her second birthday.  I think a petting zoo with small animals could be fun but mini ponies in costume is still calling to me.  DH is promising a very nice weekend trip in lieu of a party but I am holding firm.  Up the ante DH, up the ante.