Monday, October 24, 2011

The Blathering y'all

Erica and I are friends IRL, that means IN REAL LIFE folks.  I had to be clued in after I heard it a few times.  She is the one who encouraged me to start the blog and the one who clued me into the Blathering and told me to give it a try this year.  In my family, I am the planner, master of the household stuff and basically ruler of the empire but compared to Erica, I can't wipe my own ass.  This made for an AWESOME weekend as she planned our hotel, plane, car rides and EVERYTHING.  I basically followed her around and acted like I didn't know how to tie my own shoes.  Let me tell you, this whole husband thing is the best gig EVAH.  Traveling with Erica is awesome and everyone should try it.

I talked to people but it always felt loud and screamy and I am more of a sit in a chair with my wine and talk to a group of eight ladies and laugh like a hyenna.  I may be hard of hearing as I get in a noisy place and I nod at whatever someone is telling me and pretend like I can hear them BUT I CAN'T HEAR.  I could be agreeing to plural marriage or a ponzi scheme and I will keep nodding. Luckily, I was able to find some time to sit outside or meet for drinks or grab lunch with girls.  Austin made me hungry and I managed to eat my way through the city and discovered migas.  ALSO, there were menus at sit down restaurants where nothing was over $7 and the food was awesome--WTF!  I have been all over Texas but this was my first time to Austin and it is different from the rest of the state.  I didn't experience anything too weird but I live in general unfortunate WEIRDNESS. 

Hillary and Michelle picked us up from the AIRPORT which in my book is on par with birthing a baby for someone.  We had never met them before and we got in the car and it was like, "Hey dudes, what up?" and totally comfortable like you are my peeps.  I felt like we may have scared them a bit at first as Erica and I were a bit excited and basically talked our faces off in the first 30 minutes.   Meeting people that you "know" is strange and then wondering if they "know" you.  I wish that I had read the blogs before I left or looked at Twitter or had a cool phone that could download the app as I was flying a bit blind.  I met Emily who in my mind is like a celebrity as I heart her blog but never comment as she seems BIG TIME. 

So lots of cool stuff happened but I thought I would list the top FIVE TEN ironically awesome things.
1.  Laying in bed crying while watching The Help while drinking white wine and eating Toblerone chocolate with Erica.
2.  Hanging and eating with Michelle, Hillary and Erica
3. Late night at Applebees
4. Ice cream and cupcakes and MIGAS
5. Sleeping in
6. Egg wash
7. Old peeps in jail
8. Wooden vaginas
9. The spa at the hotel
10. When I thought I heard gun shots but failed to hit the floor

Nice to meet y'all!