Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back at the Ranch

Everyone has those blog posts where they tell the world that their child is a phonetics genius.   They have started talking and they are amazed by the cute/funny/sassy things that the child says.   You have not seen that post in these parts because LO is more of a quiet thinker with a sassy pointer finger and a range of grunting sounds.  But someone taught LO "please" and her vocab seems to have "exploded" or did we just start paying attention because she says please?

Oppease--Open please
Upypease--Up please
Papease--Paci please
Hepease--Help please

LO has started testing us especially DH by looking directly at him and doing something like dancing on her chair at the table.  It is hard to be stern when your toddler is doing the river dance while staring you down like a dance face off.  She also knows that feeding chapstick to the cat is a no-no but last night I turned around and she was trying to put it on Mama cat's lips.  Hasn't that cat suffered enough??

All of this fun talking and dancing has coincided with our nanny wanting to work less hours.  She suggested putting her in a morning class and she would work afternoons which would seem perfect in THEORY.  It is more expensive for us to have a nanny for less hours and have her in school in the mornings.  Preschool is so pricey that we can't afford both PLUS I would need to drop LO off at 9 am at any of the schools unless I paid for the full day and could drop her off at 8 am.  What job starts at 9:30? So she is working five less hours a week so I will leave a little later in the am and come home a bit earlier.  I feel that I have been in the job long enough to start working in a little more flexibility so it is not a huge deal but it is giving me agina for when we have to start preschool.