Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And Then I Cried for Gwendelyn

I went to visit a Jew baby school for LO yesterday that has a new 18 month old program with four open spots.  Four open spots to a westside mommy is like sexy time talk.  The program looked pretty good and we had a ninety minute tour which seemed extensive and thorough.  I asked about a strange looking man walking around and she assured me that everyone had been fingerprinted.  When I say strange, I mean that I thought his shoes were weird and therefore he should not be allowed to walk outside the building. 

Then we we went to the Caterpillar room where LO would be and I saw Gwendelyn,* who was crying in fear.  She was standing behind the changing table next to the teacher who was changing five diapers while she whimpered like a puppy.  They explained that she was new and cried when strange people walked into the room.  WHAT DID THAT STRANGE SHOE MAN DO TO THIS CHILD?? I was positively glued to the floor and couldn't stop staring.  Can someone please hug that child? PLEASE! We left the room and stood outside the room while I stared in the window and cried with real tears on the tour.  I am not loving our current school as the process is sllllllloooooooowwwww to separate as in two years where the new school is three days.  Obviously not long enough for Gwendelyn but two years is a bit extreme for working moms.

We discussed how children act differently at school, usually better as they feel like they have to pull it together around people that don't love them unconditionally.  I was horrified but the director reminded me that we all pull it together during the day and relax at home.  Yes, but not some poor little soul that couldn't even hold up her head 18 months ago.  What is the appropriate age where children need to pull it together and go to school? LO got shots yesterday and she didn't cry, I watched her fight the urge to cry.  She turned bright red but wouldn't cry--why does this little soul feel that she has to act so brave? I don't want to put extra pressure on her.  When should I let this child out of the house and into a full day program.  We can't afford to have a nanny and a preschool program for three hours three times a week.  We can do a nanny full time two days a week and a program three days a week for the full day but is that ideal? What is the right answer people?

*Name changed to protect the poor innocent child