Friday, October 14, 2011

And Then I Consulted a Toddler Witch

This is my all time favorite sleep shirt that is worn when big decisions need to be made. Is there anything not awesome about this shirt?  DH gave it to me for the holidays a few years back before we were married.  I was feeling a bit indecisive about this whole toddler all day program.  I am a big believer in day care and LO would have gone straight to daycare at three months if they had been willing to administer medication and feed her a certain way for her respiratory and reflux issues.  Not to mention a large scandal involving accusations of child abuse at the center four weeks before we were going to start.

You know how some people write to their congress peeps or the president with issues? I wrote to a toddler witch and she came back with a decisive DON'T DO IT.  I am not saying that I base my decisions soley on toddler witches but she had some good points such as keeping a consistent routine and change is the enemy.  I am four months into a new job and LO is four months into a new nanny and new routine.  We may move in the next six months so why make a change now that may not work at our new place.  It is really hard to give up the spot but I think this is the right decision.  We are still attending the school fair this evening, everyone loves a petting zoo and ponies!

Can I also be honest with you, I may have felt differently if she was a boy or above the 15th perecentile.  Is that terrible to say? Would I cast my burly male child out of the nest sooner?