Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stole My Man

You know how people do outrageous things for a reaction?? I am going to disclaim that might be happening and my rage is for nothing BUT let me tell you something about something.    On the way to work today, I was listening to a VERY popular station with a syndicated morning show and a POPULAR host who also hosts a singing competition. I'm not going to say the character's name as I don't want their publicity antics to work! I really can't stand the guy but they teased that they were going to have a "Reformed Mistress," on the show but in my foggy, benadryl (thanks LO for the cold), early morning mind, I heard "Reformed Madam."  Ok, who doesn't love to hear from a madam!?

So a british lady gets on the air telling the world that it is high season for cheating husbands.  I guess cheating seasons begins after Labor Day and dies down around Thanksgiving and the capital of this cheating world is California.  The REASON that cheating season begins is because these men have to go on FORCED family vacations over the summer.  She is trying to advise these poor women who are getting the wool pulled over their eyes on how to KEEP your husband.  She informed the world that NO ONE can steal your man.  Also, that women need to be the girls that their husbands married.  She capped off the advice with give him loads of attention and lots of sex and you will be able to KEEP your man.

First, I don't think anyone who is not on the Jerry Springer show, uses the term, "she stole my man." Secondly, if there is a cheating SEASON then there is a HUSBAND SHOOTING season and I don't think one causes the other.   I can bet that if we decided to have open season on husbands that the cheating season would be eradicated.  Third, "forced family vacations" really equates to he should work harder so he can go somewhere NICE with childcare.  I hear and read a lot of advice on how to keep your man.  How about I write a book on how to STEAL a woman?? It would be pretty simple and involve a few short bullets.  LISTEN, DO, SMILE, REPEAT