Monday, September 26, 2011

New Smell

This weekend was awesome as it was the first weekend in a long time where there was no working involved.  No 3am list making, quick errand for work or going to the office. We had a fun Friday night play date with Erica and Anna. There was some important cart pushing and construction involved.  I also had a new car delivered Friday night.  Oh yeah, just like pizza BUT a vomit free car. I hate cars as they are expensive and a pain in the ass PLUS I hate getting gas.  ALSO, DH and I will NEVER agree on a car.  He has been harping on me to get a bigger car for all of our junk as in a STATION WAGON.  He also says the same thing about our house.   I would prefer to get rid of some junk but he wants bigger places to put all the junk. 

The car is pretty and smells nice but it is a gigantic BOAT.  I would advise against getting a car delivered at night that you have never SEEN or DRIVEN.  I was in a time crunch as the lease on my last car was up and I needed a car in the next 48 hours and I was still trying to decide what to get.  DH told me I could have anything I wanted.  Hmmmmmm, how about a two seater white Jag with white leather interior.  I don't think that is what he meant.  He meant you can have any car you want as long as it is a BOAT or a station wagon.  One child doesn't warrant a station wagon. I toyed with getting a really safe car but when I challenged the sales guy to demonstrate the anti crash feature, we never heard from him again.  I also thought of buying my own car but the chance for a clean start without vomit proved to be too tempting.  Now if someone can advise on how to turn off the AC in the boat, it would be much appreciated.

Saturday, I went and got a massage, after a fun mommy and me outing, and it was awesome.  There is a cheap massage place near our house that is amazing and I felt so relaxed.  DH, LO and I hit up some sushi Saturday night and I watched the movie, Bridesmaids.  Sunday, it was shower time for my cousin (woot, woot) at the beach where I wore a new dress that could have used an iron. Then off to see g-pa for dinner with the elder folks.  LO is like a celebrity at G-pa's retirement community, she embraces the attention but doesn't like anyone getting too close.  She is similar to Angelina a bit, she doesn't eat and only half smiles.