Monday, September 26, 2011


Holiness may be a bit confusing over here as I celebrate Jewish holidays and the commercialized version of Christmas.  I was raised as a Jew who celebrated Christmas as my mom's family made Christmas Eve a big deal and some of my best memories include family get togethers of ridiculously long Christmas Eves.  Short on religion, long on good food, loads of presents and games and tons of hilarity.  DH was raised by his Church going mother but claims Judaism if anyone inquires or sometimes if they don't.  We are raising LO as a Jew baby who will also celebrate family togetherness during Christmas Eve.  Great for kids at the holidays, hell for me in December.  Now that we have cleared that bizness up, LO and I will be celebrating Rosh Hashanah this week and DH will join if he can break free of his business reviews.

My aunt invited us to attend services at her temple as tickets are hard to come by for the holidays if you don't belong to a temple.   We don't belong as we are lazy we are searching for the perfect temple for all of our craziness faith.  So they are having children's services which I am excited to attend with her.  I was also contacted by a JEW BABY CONCIERGE who will help you find the perfect Jewish services for your kids.  She emailed me MULTIPLE different activities taking place over the next two weeks that are ALL free.  I also found a temple with a new preschool that has openings for 18 month olds IMMEDIATELY.  Hey DH, if we don't have time to talk or IM before you read this blog post, Oct 11 at 10 am for Jew baby school, k? 

Back to the concierge, some of the services were a little on the edge of too reform as in a rabbi walking on the beach with a guitar with a link to his website to buy his new CD but most were definitely workable.  Contact me if you want the list or want to attend with us.  GO Jew Baby Concierge!