Friday, September 23, 2011

Hey, I'm Back

I went to the dark side and worked my little tail off for a bit and now I am back to blogging at work and  dreaming of chocolate cake, gold trim pears and the perfect pair of underwear.  Work was krazy for a bit but I had to earn my keep for the YEAR. I also took Thursday off to take LO to school and find a new general practitioner.  Excitement abounds.  Soooooooo the new school, hmmmmmm.  Have you read the Nanny Diaries or seen the movie with Scarlett Johansen? The scene where the nannies are against the wall while the moms complain about them in an attempt to improve relationships and it is all very bourgeoisie? Imagine something similar but the nannies aren't present and a bunch of SAHM complain about the help.  Ok, its not that bad but it all feels a little snotty pants. 

Also, while I was in the mommy circle while the kids were doing snack, I look over and I see LO by herself at the snack table outside while the other kids and teacher had gone inside.  Ummmm, she was stuck in the chair.  She has just mastered sitting in chairs and they are a little high for her so she straddled the back and couldn't get down.  I walked across the yard to her and there are two OTHER teachers with their back to her oblivious.  There is a two to one ratio of teachers to kids PLUS parents.  You can't help a baby get out of her chair? So let's do a round-up here, snotty, expensive and oblivious.  Which begs the question, will any school EVER be good enough for my precious bundle of goodness? Is this why teachers fear only children? Do you also secretly believe that no one treats your child with the correct amount of love and empathy? Do you secretly long to keep your children safe with you at home in a CONTROLLED environment? Oh its just me, cool.