Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chronicles of Indulgence

I wish that it was acceptable in somewhat polite company to post pictures of your butt online.  It is seriously hilarious right now.  I went to get the spray tan and I wore thong chonies and I have a perfectly brown butt tan line that looks completely unnatural.  DH could not stop laughing at me last night as one of my legs WAS significantly darker than the other one and I had a painted on thong tan. Good times.  So as I have been self obsessed in the last 21+ years few days, I have been having an irrational fear that I will be abducted by pygmies and the last correspondence to the world will be about tanning and hair. 

My biggest worry after something happening to LO these days is something happening to myself.  Sorry, DH.  I would hate for something to happen and she never knew how much I loved her.  I love being a parent to my precious baby.  I am beyond excited/ecstatic to raise her and nurture her and cheer her on.  I look forward to every stage and a little sad at the stages that we have already left behind.  I feel that she really needs her mama and daddy so I am trying to avoid stepping in front of buses at all turns.   I also like to keep the fear of G-d in DH to explain that HE is the person that she will base all of her male relationships on so he should act accordingly.  In my opinion, LO is the smartest, cutest and most lovable baby in the world and deserves everything fabulous including both of her parents to be on their game.  So if you see a group of roaming angry pygmies, please forewarn me and possibly delete any embarrassing posts.