Monday, September 12, 2011

Busy Up In Here

I am lagging on my blogging as I never recapped Miami for y'all.  It was fun, I had a funky spray tan on my legs with one leg significantly darker than the other.  I wore my dress and every time I moved, beads popped off.  I got sick about nine hours into the trip.  My youngest cousin suggested that maybe I was hungover and had forgotten what a hangover felt like.  HAhahahaaaha.  She will be surprised when she has children of the ONLY fun activity that can be done with no TV and computer and other people with kids at 6pm.  I had gotten LO's nasty cold and turned into a snotty gross mess.  Since then I have been working NON-stop and LO's sleeping has been less than stellar.   My cold has just gotten worse, yuck.

The first day of school rolled around last Thursday with me convincing everyone that LO and I were fine and there was no need to skip the FIRST day of school ever.  I put LO in the dress that I picked out six weeks ago.  She freaked out and refused to walk in the boots or wear the dress.
We compromised on an outfit and I wanted a picture in front of our door which she refused to take unless her bike was in the pic.  Then she would only smirk for the photo. Sigh.  I had been dreaming about putting that picture next to her graduating from med school on the mantle in my old age.

 I was not a fan of the preschool for various reasons but LO liked it and claimed a toy car as her own.  As in, don't touch my car or I will cut you.
This weekend LO and I took a short trip together to visit a new baby and spend some mommy bonding time together and again pretend that I am not sick.  We also attended a birthday party where there was a similar issue with a shopping cart as the car at school.
I have been trying to do my picture a day but the pics seem to always be in the same ugly part of our house as it is usually right before bed or us leaving to go do something.

All this fun was capped off with everyone's favorite activity this evening--family pictures.  I can't even talk about it.  Somebody transport me to next Thursday when a lot of my work projects will be over and I can take a moment to relax.